Financial crisis responsibilities of internal and external auditing Essay

The universe ‘s fiscal system has changed dramatically during the last three old ages. The fiscal crisis has a planetary consequence. Some industries have shown some awkwardness in their growing while some others are confronting bankruptcy. Banks and other fiscal establishments are among the companies most affected by this crisis. In fact, they are responsible for this crisis. The patterns of supplying sub-prime mortgages to costumiers who are non likely to be able to refund them and free recognition standards have resulted in the prostration of many Bankss such us ; Lehman Brothers and Merrill lynch.

Since the beginning of the crisis, the focal point has changed towards the auditing patterns which may be accountable for this crisis. Arens & A ; Loebbecke ( 1997 ) define audit as “ the accretion and rating of grounds about information to find and describe on the grade of correspondence between the information and established standards ” ( p2 ) . The fact that Governments have injected Bankss with money to bail them out, which has cost the UK authorities 1,300 billion Pounds, raises the demand for stricter internal and external auditing to forestall any jobs in the hereafter.

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Financial crisis responsibilities of internal and external auditing Essay
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The intent of this essay is to measure how the audit functions and duties have changed during the fiscal crisis and to exemplify the importance of scrutinizing. This paper will be divided into four parts: internal and external audit traditional functions and duties, the background to the fiscal crisis, the fiscal crisis and the impact on scrutinizing patterns and a decision.

Internal and external audit traditional functions:

A ) Internal audit:

Internal auditing is the first line of defense mechanism in any company. The chief aims of internal auditing are: To guarantee that the operations are competent and effectual. Second, to guarantee the creditability of the fiscal statements. Third, to follow with Torahs and ordinances and to guarantee the conformity of staff and operations ( Allegrini, 2008 ) .

One of the most of import undertakings of internal auditing is to concentrate on the fiscal facet of the concern. The internal audit section has many duties such as ; to guarantee that every dealing is executed with an mandate, to supervise and guarantee the house ‘s hazard and liabilities, to forestall frauds and behavior probes if that occurred and to implement an internal control system to command the disbursals fillips and allowances ( Parker, 1995 ) .

However, internal auditing has developed to be a comprehensive system which called Corporate Governance which can be defined as: “ the frame work of regulations and patterns by which a board of managers ensures answerability, equity and transparence in the house relationship with its all stakeholders ” ( ) .It purposes to implement different policies internally to protect stakeholders ‘ rights and to guarantee that the concern complies with criterions, Torahs, patterns and moralss of the industry.

B ) External audit:

There are many celebrated audit companies around the universe such as: Earnest & A ; Young, KPMG and Deloitte & A ; Touche. By jurisprudence, every populace listed company must engage one of these houses to scrutinize their fiscal statements for a specific fee. Normally, stockholders appoint two external hearers by voting. For private companies, an audited fiscal statement is indispensable to obtain financess and loans.

The aim of the external auditing is the ” look of an sentiment on the equity with which they present reasonably, in all stuff respects, fiscal places consequences of operations and its hard currency flows in conformance with by and large accepted accounting rules ” ( Arens & A ; Loebbecke, 1997:142 ) .

External hearer duties are to look into and guarantee the dependability and credibleness of the fiscal statements. Not merely do they guarantee dependability and credibleness but besides to turn to all the mistakes or errors the company have done. However, the hearer should supply sensible confidence of the mistakes. If an hearer fails to happen or describe an mistake, he is non apt or responsible for it.

The background to the fiscal crisis

Banks are really active in supplying long-run mortgage loans. The addition in belongings monetary values and the lower involvement rates have encouraged Bankss to impart more. To increase profitableness, Bankss besides engaged in sub-prime mortgage loans which provide loans to high hazard sections with higher involvement rates. At the same clip, Bankss started to utilize a new merchandise called Asset backed securities which enables them to sell those high hazard loans to another investor. Banks, Federal Bankss, Fundss, Insurance companies and different companies from all over the Earth have purchased these securities.

In 2006, the monetary values of the belongingss declined while the involvement rates rose dramatically. As a consequence, people had stopped refunding their mortgage loan episodes to the Bankss which caused liquidness jobs. Banks started to sell houses but the monetary values were lower than the value of the loan which consequences in deficient collateral to cover the cost of the mortgage. As a consequence, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae which were the major mortgage companies in the USA collapsed. In the UK, Northern Rock bank which was extremely exposed to these loans besides collapsed.

As a consequence, the plus backed securities defaulted and the consequence has become more widespread. Banks which invested to a great extent on these securities have faced liquidness and bankruptcy hazard such as ; Lehman Brothers. Others had sought authorities support to last such as: AIG while another portion had been acquired by other Bankss. These securities are called “ toxic assets ” . Several authoritiess have helped Bankss by purchasing these assets, purchasing portions of the bank or by supplying long term loans with low involvement rates.

Audited account and the fiscal crisis:

The fiscal crisis has affected many states and industries. It has shown that Bankss may necessitate better and stricter internal and external audit. Governments, taxpayers and stockholders have led a move towards a reform in the fiscal sector. Corporate administration and external hearers have failed to forestall the crisis. In 2009, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development launched a program to better the function of corporate administration. The OECD suggests that the board of managers demands to be monitored. Furthermore, it suggests that every company in the fiscal sector should underscore the function of the hazard direction section. In add-on, top direction fillips which created concerns among the populace should be controlled. Furthermore, Compliance and criterions of the fiscal sector should be improved ( OECD, 2009 ) .

However, co-operation between all the stakeholders is necessary to implement these recommendations. Companies might decline any intervention in their operations. Furthermore, the board of managers might hold the ability to conceal information from the populace which could restrict any betterment in the internal control country. On the other manus, the U.S section of the Treasury has introduced a fiscal stableness program. This program might hold a better impact on corporate administration within a company because the United States authorities has obtained portions of some fiscal establishments. The program aims to implement several criterions on Bankss. The Capital Assistance plan is the 1 of these criterions which aims to guarantee the capital adequateness of the fiscal establishments. Furthermore, the program has different aims such as: a private investings plan which aims to heighten and repair the fiscal statements to give Bankss the ability to impart to families and concern to assist the economic system to travel from the recession.

Externally, audit houses might be portion of the job. Their inability to foreground the hazard of exposure of Bankss has lead to this crisis. Furthermore, the credibleness of these houses has been affected by the crisis since they approved all the fiscal statements of the Bankss. On the other manus, audit companies net incomes have suffered as they lost large clients such as: Lehman Brothers and Merrill lynch.

For those grounds, Earnest and Young organised an audit commission meeting in 2008 which recommended that external hearers should: Size up the fiscal statements, look into the hazard exposure of the companies every bit good as their clients, look into the fiscal programs and budgets and verify that companies are unwraping all of import information on a regular basis. In add-on, the commission stated that internal audit should hold greater function in companies and it encourages the external hearers to raise and turn to any concerns to the stakeholders. In fact, the study has covered many countries which may necessitate to better. However, the execution of these recommendations might be critical to hearers to recover their credibleness and salvage their concern. It seems that external audit concerns will implement new schemes to better the auditing procedure and authoritiess might necessitate to supervise and command hearers ‘ activities.


In general, internal and external audit played an of import function in the yesteryear. However, the fiscal crisis has shown that audit might hold failed to make its undertaking. Furthermore, it shows that audit might necessitate betterments to be able to play an of import function in the hereafter. This essay illustrated the traditional function of the internal and external audit. Furthermore, it provided a brief sum-up of the fiscal crisis and evaluated the function of internal and external audit during the crisis. Furthermore, it showed hearers response to the fiscal crisis and the manner they have faced this job. More research may be needed on corporate administration as it might forestall future jobs.


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