Finding A New Location Essay


The intent of my presentation is to measure the suitableness of Hotel Azur as a possible hereafter advertisement base for the Body Shop.

This study contains the suggested programs for happening a new location in Hungary.As requested by the president Robert Wadson, it examines information gathered from the observations made by myself in the last two hebdomads.

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Finding A New Location Essay
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The study briefly summarises my sentiment on the most cost- efficient solution that can be found in this really instance.


The Body Shop carries a broad scope of merchandises for the organic structure, face, hair and place. The Body Shop does non claim its merchandises are ‘all-natural ‘ , but “inspired by nature” and they feature ingredients such as marula oil and benne seed oil sourced through The Community Trade just trade programme

As Anita Roddick, the laminitis of our company mentioned before: “ Our merchandises are non tested on animate beings, ne’er have been and ne’er will be.

This statement above give an penetration of the thought of ‘The Body Shop ‘ .


Hotel Azur is situated in the bosom of Siofok, straight on the shore of Lake Balaton, amidst 6 hectares of parkland with its ain flaxen beach.

Lake Balaton, the largest fresh water lake in Central Europe, captivates every visitant demoing every season a different face and wagess those unfastened to its thaumaturgy with many unforgettable gifts.

Hotel Azur has one of the largest conference Centres of the Balaton part which is exceptionally suited for keeping big conferences, preparations, balls and other corporate events. Peoples, particularly concern orientated people normally come here to acquire off from the mundane bunco and bustle-

Bing a Wellness Centre, Hotel Azur can supply its invitees with a broad scope of services in every twenty-four hours of the twelvemonth such as

  1. room service,
  2. wash,
  3. pressing service,
  4. bike lease,
  5. circuit desk,
  6. meeting/banquet installations,
  7. cyberspace services,
  8. airdrome bird and last but non least,
  9. Barber & A ; beauty store.

Our mark is to present our natural merchandises to more and more people, particularly for adult females who tend to look after themselves more than work forces do.

Our new shop location should be taken topographic point at the The Hotel Azur non merely for its extremely qualified staff members but besides its high-prices that indicates good quality which is shown by the fact that over half of the visitants who can afford to pass a long weekend here, are coming from abroad.


The mentioned hotel is handily located merely off the chief route, which is easy accessible by public conveyance from most parts of the metropolis and it besides has ample free parking.

However, the infinite is non executable for more than 20 autos at best.

Unfortunately, that could do incommodiousness for some people.

Having realized by the CEO every bit good they promised a alteration to come.

Till the parking batch is non finished yet, most of the workers make usage of the company coach to go to and from the hotel.

Availability & A ; Marketing scheme

Due to the fact that there is no any Body Shop Store in Hungary we need to happen the best location and do the best decission that could of all time been made.

Finding a new location is a really complex issue.

We do need to hold a expression at the advancing topographic point, conditions if it is suited for publicizing our dainties or non.

What is more, we do need to analyze conditions there is any competitory companies nearby.

I can proudly denote that there is no such a wellness hotel in this country like Hotel Azur where our purpose ; the market enlargement can be achived by publicizing our natural merchandises in its beauty store sector..

What do I intend by this?

The answear is extremly simple!

The beauty resort has been made for adult females who more likely to pass their clip in here by holding a massage alternatively of traveling to the GYM and make some strenounus exercising.

These ladies are the key to our success.

Think it through sagely:

We can publicize The Body Shop merchandises by the professional massagers who have been occupied for old ages and have adequate experience to demand trust for themselves from the Hotel invitees.

By and big, they can seek out our trade names immadietly, thank to the great chance that they are in a health & A ; conference hotel.So they will non hold any uncertainties as for something they purchase.

In contrast, consumers have no manner to seek out any merchandise in a shopping promenade, or in a rented section because cipher would love to alter its apparels and spend clip by waiting for the consequence, meanwhile in a wellness hotel they have plentifulness of free clip to seek out new things.

It is clear that clients are willing to believe them since they have no ground to publicize something they do non hold faith in.

Furthermore, this type of selling scheme is really cost-effective because we do non necessitate to pass a luck on leasing a section and paying for extra costs at the really same clip.

We can alternatively, offer a certain per centum to the workers after the sold merchandises of ours.Or, we can pay for their coach that takes them to the hotel.It depends.

On the footing of these findings we can easy mensurate the demand and besides the costumier consciousness of the advertised green goods in order to be prepared for everything.


The obvious decision to be drawn from these facts is that we do need to take the Hotel Azur as a future advertisement base in order to do Body Shop successful without speanding a luck on leasing a shop.

Furthermore, we create a symphatic balance between a luxury hotel and a high quality trade name.

I recommend that the best class of action would be to set all our energy into this mentioned undertaking in order to hold uncertainties in our heads as for the success of the astonishing Body Shop in Hungary ‘s sole Wellness and Conference Hotel ; The Hotel Azur.


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