Findings Of Sustainability With Interviees Perspective Essay

This chapter will show the nucleus findings of this research ; that is, the primary informations from the semi-structured interviews and observation, in add-on to secondary informations such as paperss and company studies. The interviews were conducted with squad members of Coca Cola Beverage in Turkey which are included both corporate executives and section caputs related with implementing sustainable development programmes. The cardinal purposes of these interviews are foremost to show the relationship between sustainable development importance and corporate degree of company. Second, to analyze the sustainable development construct executions in both organisational positions from the experts of this topic. These inquiries will go on with broader reappraisal of sustainability, sustainable development policy in selected company and will be completed with contemplations and future programs of sustainability executions in the company.


Harmonizing to the interview with Mr. Huseyin Akin, who is President of CCI Turkey Region and Mr. Atilla Yerlikaya CCI Turkey Corporate Affairs Director, sustainability position of CCI will be evaluated in item.

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Findings Of Sustainability With Interviees Perspective Essay
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5.1.1. Sustainability Perspective

Q.1. One of the most of import dockets issue for the Coca Cola System in Turkey is “ Sustainability ” . Before traveling into inside informations, what is sustainability from your position?

Harmonizing to Huseyin Akin, “ The long term sustainability of CCI ‘s concern is possible merely when the communities in which we operate are sustainable. In that regard, we may guarantee the sustainability of the communities we operate in and accordingly our concern by puting responsible schemes in cooperation with our stakeholders in economic, societal and environmental affairs. We must specify our countries of influence and our public presentation in these spheres and be ready to be accountable to our stakeholders. For us, sustainability is what we do every bit good as our long-run committednesss towards adding value to our stakeholders, our concern and the community we operate in.

Atilla Yerlikaya stated that, “ Our universe is confronting with a monolithic alteration and inventions.

If the humanity continues to devour the universe ‘s natural beginnings with this gait, we will necessitate resources tantamount to four planets. History indicates that many civilisations and species which could non maintain up with the alterations in the universe have extinguished. Experiences of world and nature provide the society with of import lessons. The sustainability of our concern is merely possible by maintaining nature which companies benefit from by utilizing its resources and the community to which sell our merchandises sustainable. ”

5.1.2. The Concept of Sustainability

Q.2. The construct of sustainability has a strong relationship between communities and in this regard assorted sustainability schemes are applicable in different communities. In your position are at that place different facets or precedences for Turkey in footings of sustainability? What sort of sustainability attack is required in Turkey?

Huseyin Akin claimed the strong relationship with the construction of society, jobs and outlooks of community one operates in and with the relation one physique with such community. Sustainability scheme should be in line with your local community dealingss. We have determined our primary Fieldss in our societal investings as environmental undertakings, wellness, civilization and development of young person. We are taking many undertakings in Turkey about sustainability. Within the model of our sustainability attack, we aim to go on taking other companies.

Sing to Atilla Yerlikaya, “ Sustainability is instead a new term to our community. The issues of environment and protection of watershed in Turkey addition importance from the Coca Cola ‘s position. % 75 of H2O resources in Turkey is used for agribusiness, % 15 for industry and % 10 in families. CCI, as a member of the Turkish industry should increase the efficient usage of H2O in production. This is the chief ground that we have to pay attending about this issue. ”

5.1.3. Sustainability and Strategic Options

Q.3. Do you believe that sustainability has become a strategic portion of Turkey operations? Can you explicate what have you been making in the country of sustainability?

Harmonizing to Huseyin Akin, “ At CCI, we believe that our most of import responsibility as corporate citizens is to run in conformity with sustainability rule.

Our end is to go more than a charitable company ; we aim to set about an active function in happening solutions to societal quandary after acquiring the sentiments and suggestions of all our stakeholders.

We aim to make the best and equal work environment for our employees and better criterions with our environment friendly policies. Harmonizing to all these, we develop our sustainable development undertakings with 4 chief countries ; our workplace, market place, environment and community. For illustration our 1,5lt returnable PET bottle introduced in February 2008, helps conserve labels and paper. By showing our clients with a suited and just monetary value we are able to cut down our environmental impact. ”

Atilla Yerlikaya indicated that “ We aim to better CCI ‘s environmental activities in footings of our impact on environment. While minimising the usage of resources at our workss, we besides try to lend societal undertakings for work outing environmental issues. We support many environmental and societal undertakings under Life Plus Foundation. With this found, we plan to pass about 5 million Turkish Liras for environmental and societal undertakings during 2010. We support thoughts of theoretical account solutions for environmental jobs of our state. Water Preservation in Turkey is our primary focal point. ”

5.1.4. Turkey and Sustainability

Q.4. The Coca Cola 2020 Vision envisions the significant alterations in the following 10 old ages. Within this model how make you measure Turkey and sustainability?

Huseyin Akin explained the 2020 Vision sets out that Coca Cola Company and bottling spouses must move hand-in-hand with common schemes. It is important that, efficiency is emphasized with this Vision. It is clip to concentrate on sustainability and with this I strongly believe that 2020 Vision prepares us for the hereafter.

With respect to Atilla Yerlikaya, “ Coca Cola Turkey System defined sustainability position and full to our system. 2010 will be the twelvemonth which CCI will incorporate sustainability into our concern. While doing determinations on selling, gross revenues, buying or any concern field, we have to see sustainability as a manner of making our concern.

5.1.5. Sustainability Accomplishments

Q.5. Can you delight explicate cardinal sustainability accomplishments of CCI?

Harmonizing to Atilla Yerlikaya, CCI has defined their cardinal issues as saving, recycling and reuse of H2O resources.

CCI joined to UN Global Compact Initiative.

Water ingestion in CCI Turkey is reduced by 9 % in 2008 and the sum of H2O used per litre of drink is reduced to 1.48 liters.

Ankara Plant uses 1.25 litres of H2O to bring forth 1lt of drink. This usage ratio is non merely a record in Turkey besides a best record in the worldwide The Coca-Cola System.

Izmir Plant has been recognized as “ Best Performer ” in footings of environmental public presentation among the Eurasia and Africa Group.

Turkey operation has been reported as “ Best Business Unit ” in footings of H2O and energy usage in The Coca Cola System.

Jordan Plant has successfully achieved the best betterment in its energy use ratio and improved it by 17 % for the old twelvemonth ‘s figure.

In 2009, the changing of glass contour bottle provides % 20 lighter and % 10 cheaper signifier. Correspondingly, CCI saved 52 1000 prosodies dozenss of glass and 26 thousand ton decrease in the sum of C dioxide.

5.1.6. Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Q.6. Energy efficiency is one of the most of import issues for the Coca Cola System. Can you explicate this procedure?

Huseyin Akin stated that clime protection and managing energy are of import issues for Coca-Cola System. Increasing energy efficiency and equilibrating emanation will help Coca Cola to cut down disbursals and minimise impacts to the environment.


Beginning: The Coca Cola Company 2008-2009 Sustainability Report

Graph indicates that in 2008 The Coca Cola System exhausted 58,6 billion megajoules energy to do 128,5 billion litres of merchandise.


Beginning: The Coca Cola Company 2008-2009 Sustainability Report

The graph shows from 2004 to 2009 system makes 10 percent efficiency betterment. Due to bring forthing more merchandise energy ingestion may lift up but energy efficiency per litre of merchandise may better.

5.1.7. Sustainability and Water

Q.7. Water is indispensable for every industry and 2025 projections claim that the universe has to see this issue carefully. Sing this position, what is CCI ‘s sustainable H2O policy?

The most of import thing for human being true is H2O. Throughout the twentieth century, planetary H2O ingestion has increased in the industrial sectors.


Beginning: VITAL WATER GRAPHICS ( UNEP ) hypertext transfer protocol: //

The graphaˆ¦indicates that the handiness of fresh H2O in worldwide has dramatically decreased. However The Coca Cola Company claims that they are cognizant of necessity of H2O for environment and for their company because the most important ingredient for drink is H2O. It is besides indispensable for fabricating procedure. Company has specific duty with related to refilling H2O particularly in countries which have H2O deficit. The end of The Coca Cola Company is to return to environment an sum of tantamount H2O what they consume in all fabrication procedure. The line graph besides indicates % 9 betterment of H2O usage ratio from 2004 in the company.


Beginning: The Coca Cola Company 2008-2009 Sustainability Report

Atilla Yerlikaya continued to the accounts in this manner, “ The Coca Cola company discovered beginning for H2O protection which is an effectual concern continuity scheme that provides reduction costs, better ecosystem wellness, and profit the communities where it operates. hypertext transfer protocol: // Nevertheless the H2O stewardship of The Coca Cola Company may sort into three countries. First, cut downing H2O use ratio ( efficiency ) while raising up unit instance volume. Second country is recycling the H2O use in the operations of company ( effluent intervention ) . Finally, refilling the H2O that the company usage through community H2O entree and watershed Restoration and protection. In 2007, The Coca Cola Company became one of the first six companies in a plan which designed to assist organisations better manage H2O ingestion in their operations. All these developments can be evaluated as a consequence of how sustainability executions are enforced with great earnestness in the company.

The Coca Cola workss operate a complete multiple-barrier H2O intervention system to provide high quality H2O in during the production procedure. Figureaˆ¦.in below explains the system.

Figureaˆ¦.. : Coca-Cola ‘s Multiple-Barrier Water Treatment Approach

Beginning: World Business Council for Sustainable Development ( 2007 )

Harmonizing to the statistics, The Coca Cola bottling works which is located in Brazil has invested more than US $ 2 million in partnership with other concerns to protect the Jundiai River watershed, the primary beginning of H2O for that community since 2005.

5.1.8. Sustainable Packaging

Q.8. Packaging is an of import portion of the production procedure. Can you explicate what sort of sustainability policies are you implementing?

Harmonizing to Atilla Yerlikaya, packaging has a primary function while run intoing consumer demand ‘s, outlooks and for protecting the goods. Most of bundles are made of durable stuffs and this causes many amendss for the environment. The director provided the research worker with the following company item based on old research.

Shows in below, PET, glass, aluminum and fountain are the largely used stuffs for packaging in the company.

Beginning: : The Coca Cola Company 2008-2009 Sustainability Report

Mr. Yerlikaya continued that, company is working for making planetary packaging scheme which is aimed to forestall blowing through industrial packaging. The chief focal point for The Coca Cola Company is on extinguishing all natural stuff, energy and H2O losingss across the full packaging procedure. In the drink industry, company struggles to be the most environmentalist packaging user. All of our major bundles have seen important stuff decreases since sustainability policies implementing in the company. The Coca Cola system made monolithic advancement in packaging trailing and incremental discovery progresss in packaging efficiency. The purpose is for the sustainable packaging to happen new ways to cut down the sum of stuff used in packaging procedure. For illustration in China, the rollout of our new short-height bottle cap for most of our twinkle and still drinks is expected to extinguish the tantamount plastic usage of 439 million caps and 208 million 500aˆ‘mL bottles. Likewise, in Europe and Latin America, company reduced the weight of 2 litter contour bottle by 7.5 % , which will salvage 16,000 metric dozenss of plastic yearly.

5.1.9. Climate Change and Copenhagen Communique

Q.9. To sum up sustainable policies in the Coca Cola Company, it is necessary to add some information about clime alteration policies Can you delight give a short brief about sustainable clime alteration policy in the Coca Cola?

This declaration is published by more than 500 planetary company concern leaders. The Copenhagen Communique on Climate ChangeA isA the descriptive and advanced pronunciamento which was issued in front of the United Nations ( UN ) conference in Denmark, Copenhagen in 2009. Today, our universe faces with monolithic and clamant crisis therefore the dispatch has called an just and planetary response from all sides. A Copenhagen Communique on Climate Change ” justified that universe leaders should turn out same rank to carry through the planetary economic crisis and clime alteration. In order to supply sustainable development it is necessary to stabilise the clime alteration every bit shortly as possible.

CCI has become one of the first signers of the latest and most important measure towards climate alteration, “ The Copenhagen Communique on Climate Change ” .

Chief executive officer Michael A. O’Neill declared that, as a portion of responsible universe citizenship attack, Copenhagen Communique , the latest planetary enterprise on clime, is one of the most of import susceptible action for clime alteration O’Neill emphasized that CCI has a long history of environmental direction and has already developed several policies to cut down the impact on the environment. CCI has besides recognized as the best in effectual usage of natural resources across the worldwide The Coca Cola System.

5.1.10. GRI Certification

Q.10. In the last words, GRI is one of the most widespread coverage method in worldwide and The Coca Cola Company is executing this procedure by GRI How does the Coca Cola Company fix sustainability studies?

Atilla Yerlikaya responded that, The Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting ( CSR ) prepared by CCI in 2007 and it has been certified by Global Reporting Initiative ( GRI ). CCI became the first organisation in Turkey to hold received the enfranchisement of GRI that defines sustainable development as a primary activity of its operations. Nevertheless GRI Chairman of the Board Mervyn King attended the International Corporate Governance Conference which is held in Istanbul, Turkey on January 2009 and denoted that GRI is pleasured to prosecute sustainable developments in Turkey. King besides claimed in his address, “ In today ‘s concern universe, companies are expected to place how they made the money to their stakeholders. ” Mr. Yerlikaya continued that, it is necessary to shared studies to community which the company operates. Social, environmental and economic impacts must be portion with guidelines such as GRI.

5.2. Drumhead

In visible radiation of all this information, it is clear that, the Coca Cola Company ‘s version to sustainability despite some lacks that are seen. The importance of sustainability procedure analysed by top direction really earnestly. As a consequence, the future end of the company has become sustainable development in all countries.


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