Fine Dining vs. Fast Food Essay

In the mood for a quick bite or a night out. Well, what are the choices? McDonald? S is quick, cheap and convenient. They will have you enjoying your food Just as fast as you can pay the cashier. On the other hand, though It Is not fine dining but that could be your second choice. You could go to one of the finer restaurants such as The Washington Inn. Here, service Is everything, speed Is not. A relaxing evening Is all that awaits you. So would you rather have a diet coke or a nice glass of say, White Zinfandel. The choice is yours. Eating out at a fine dining restaurant is not Just a decision, but rather an experience al in itself.

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Fine Dining vs. Fast Food Essay
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Fine dining is just that, Fine, and they expect you to look as nice as the atmosphere you plan to inhabit for the evening. The Washington Inn is a very romantic, quite and formal environment. Appropriate wear for such a place would be more along the lines of casual to the more up and up. A suit and tie is acceptable but not necessary. If you are looking to be a bit more comfortable then a nice shirt and khakis will work. But anything less and you will not be permitted to the restaurant. An elegant addling experience does, however, come with a special price.

By the time our night comes to an end, and you have been served that last cup of coffee; be ready to cough up a few bills for your party. Also, do not forget the minimum 20% tip for the great service you have received throughout the evening. The classic, ? How is everything? Line is not thrown in for free. Well, you have paid the check and no need to walk to your car because the valet has already brought it to the door for you. Hope you have enjoyed you exceptional experience of fine dining. On the other hand, if your choice is to eat at a fast food restaurant such as McDonald? Your experience will be very different than fine dining. Fast food Is exactly what It sounds like, Fast. Here, you will not have to worry about what to wear. As long as you are dressed, you will be able to get your food. The atmosphere Is well lit, and very upbeat. It Is a great Informal place to bring young children since It Is okay for them to yell, scream, and laugh out loud. At a fast food restaurant you can choose whether you would like to sit in and dine or use the convenient drive thru. Both will provide quick service. Using the drive thru you have a choice of whether you wish to eat in your car or bring the food home.

After you have ordered your food you can pay the cashier and in a matter of minutes your food will be ready. Fast food is not very expensive so money is not a major issue here. Also, you do not have to worry about leaving a tip. Whether you choose to have a relaxing evening In a fine dining restaurant, or If you choose fast food both are excellent In their own way. Depending on your taste and style of living, you will get what you are paying for. McDonald? S Is cheap, convenient, and quick. But, if you prefer elegant dining then The Washington Inn is the place for may choose you will be equally satisfied.


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