Fingerprint removal Essay

Fingerprint Removal Essay Fingerprints have been used for centuries to help put criminals behind bars and the innocent out of Jail, but some fugitives believe they can alter themselves to have no fingerprints and therefore have no way of being traced. However, fingerprints are not easy to get rid of, but that does not stop those crazy enough to try. John Dillinger, a notorious escape artist and bank robber, was on the verge of getting permanently locked away. He believed his only chance of not getting caught was to alter, or remove, his fingerprints.

First, to make himself unrecognizable to the community that knew him Oh so well, he decided to use plastic surgery to change the appearance of his face. After the plastic surgery didn’t change him as much as he expected, he turned to the removal of his fingerprints. Although Dillinger was not the first known criminal to attempt to alter their fingerprints, he was dedicated to the long and painful process. He hired a few surgeons and dermatologist to research ways to effectively remove them for good. In late May 1934, Dillinger decided on a new tactic. He decided to use acid to burn the tips of his fingers.

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Fingerprint removal Essay
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In the end, after the full healing process was finished, faint ridge marks on his fingers were detected and even though they were badly burned, his fingerprints were present and traceable. It is obvious John Dillinger did not think about the healing factor and the possibility for forensic experts to be able to track him without the use of the fingerprints, by using the ridges and lines in his palms as well. Another aspect Dillinger forgot was that he created an even more distinct pattern on his fingers with the use of the acid that could only belong to him. Technically, he disguised one fingerprint with another.


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