Fire Safety For Commercial Building In Malaysia Essay

In 2000, National Fire Protection Association ( NFPA ) had developed a cardinal method to cut down fire hazard. It is known as Fire Safety Concepts Tree ( FSCT ). FSCT was developing to accomplish the life safety and construction protection for the edifice. There are two general rules of FSCT are the bar of fire ignition and pull offing fire impact. Prevention of fire ignition can be completed in the origin phases of the edifice design procedure by obviate fire beginnings but to wholly rid of fire beginnings is an impossible affair. No affair how much attempt we put in to rid of the fire ignition, it will non success and fire will still go on to get down. We have to pull off the fire by minimise the impact on the people and structures one time fire had started. FSCT highlight the fire suppression, control of burning and containment of fire by building. It besides emphasizes that precaution exposure and bound sum exposed.

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Fire Safety For Commercial Building In Malaysia Essay
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Among steps that can be applied to accomplish the fire snuff outing equipment, commanding fire from spread the fire to the other parts of edifice and let equal clip for people to evacuate from the edifice. Life safety is besides influenced by the cognition and experience that people have about the fire and fire spreading in edifices. With apprehension of the fire behaviour and fire features, casualties can likely be reduced if appropriate steps have been taken when evacuating from the edifice. Therefore, my research will concern on the fire safety or minimal demand of firefighting equipment for commercial edifice and what action can we done when fire go oning on a commercial edifice.

1.3 Aim

To explicate to worlds that firefighting can supply good protection to them when fire go on on commercial edifice.

1.4 Aims

Identify the lower limit firefighting demand for a commercial edifice

The use of the firefighting

Identify the action to be carry out when fire go on

1.5 Literature Review

In my concluding twelvemonth undertaking, I used books in my college library and cyberspace beginnings, along with personal contacts with fire service functionaries in different provinces to finish my thesis.

Chapter 2: Understanding of Fire

Fire is the seeable consequence of the procedure of burning. It is a particular type of chemical reaction. It is coming from three chief ingredients which there are O ( Oa‚‚ ), heat, and fuel where the fuel is like combustible or flammable stuffs. Fire can non be form if there are without these three chief stuffs. While at the terminal of the chemical reaction, the merchandises from the chemical reaction are wholly different signifier the initial stuff.

Combustion occur when fuel reacts with O to let go of heat energy. Due to do some burning, the fuel must be heated until its temperature hit the ignition degree. Otherwise, it would non hold any burning happen. Combustion can be happen decelerate or fast which is depending on the sum of O available. The reaction will maintain traveling every bit long as there is adequate heat, fuel and O. This is known as the fire trigon.

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Combustible or flammable stuffs are those stuffs that will easy to acquiring burn, for illustration fuel, paper, crude oil merchandise, fabric, wood and etc. Flammable stuffs can be found as solids, gases, or liquids.

Flammable solids

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is solid other than an explosive or ruinous agent, that can catch fire through clash, soaking up of wet, self-generated chemical alteration, heat retained from a fabrication or other procedure. Besides, flammable solids can besides be ignited easy and, when ignited, burn is smartly or persistently as to make a serious fire jeopardy. Furthermore, flammable solids can besides be classified in three classs which are desensitized explosive, self-reactive stuffs, and readily combustible solids.

Flammable gases are those gases at ambient temperature and force per unit area which been compressed and until can be ignite at 14.7 lbs per square inch ( PSI ). It besides can light at 14.7 PSI when assorted with 12 % or less by volume with air. Examples include butane, methane and H.

Flammable liquids are those liquids that have a flash point ( minimal temperature needed for the liquid to bring forth a vapour with sufficiency of a concentration to light ) below 100 degree Fahrenheit ( A°F ), or 37.78 degree Celsius ( A°C ) at a vapor force per unit area less than 60 lbs per square inch ( PSI ). If any of the constituents of the mixture have flash points of 100A°F or higher, so the stuffs is no longer classified as flammable but is known as combustible.

In another manner, we can sort the flammable liquid in order to do us easier to acquire cognize that flammable liquids. It is of import to retrieve that with flammable liquids that it is the vapour coming off from the liquid that will happen ignition and combustion, non needfully the liquid itself.


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