First Year of College Essay

My 1st Semester of College To many people, starting college is a frightful event. The new world of education that awaits you can scare the person that’s not ready for the new challenge. Not only is it a new experience, but an entirely different atmosphere from the high school life you had been living for the past three years. A lot of people let the thought alone scare them from making the initial attempt to further their education. People who experience these jitters make the assumption that college is not for them.

My first semester of college included. The expectations from my professors in the classroom, my expectations I had upon arriving, and the physical property of the campus. My expectations upon arriving were very high. I was expecting to meet many new people from different parts of the world from many different cultures. The thought of expanding my knowledge with new material had me very excited as well. Handling the workload was going to rely solely on me, and me alone. I knew there wasn’t going to be anyone to blame but me for my own failure.

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First Year of College Essay
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So I expected there to be more challenging material introduced to me. I was really looking forward to taking courses with material I was familiar with. I was hoping to learn new things. With my schedule being more open, I figured I would have more time to focus on studying and my homework. That has worked out great. My professors expectations of me were going to be drastically different. That was a given. In high school you were in trouble for not attending class. Written up, and in some circumstances suspended.

Your professor does expect you to come to class, but its not demanded. There will be no write up’s or suspensions. You are penalized by robbing yourself of the education you are paying for. Your professor wont ask where your work is, only make you aware that you are failing. Some are nice enough to inquire into what the problem may be. However, again, the work load falls entirely on you. Attending college is a privilege and should be treated as such. A lot of people are not reluctant enough to have the chance to go to college.

All my professor was expecting of me was to bring an eager mind to learn. The physical property of the campus was very welcoming. Since the campus isn’t very large it was easy for me to find the location of my classes. One of my fears, and what ultimately affected my decision in picking a campus to attend, was getting lost and not arriving to class on time. I love the way the dining facility is set up also. It gives the campus a very relaxed atmosphere to enjoy your meal in after a stimulating session of learning and traveling from class to class.

The campus being open with courses in many different buildings was a new experience for me. The walks provide a normal routine of exercise that I might not have gotten on a regular. The structure of the buildings and the decor make the environment a very comfortable and relaxing learning experience. Overall, my 1st semester has been very enjoyable. The college experience has been what I expected, if not more. As I stated earlier, attending college is a privilege that I’m very thankful to be able to be apart of. I can only hope that the remainder of my c .


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