Flashbacks: Pain and Toni Morrison Essay

Flashbacks Thought out life people have memories which are called flashbacks. Flashbacks are like diamonds to people they may be precious to them because they sometimes tells the family history or shows how that person grew up and what they went thru In Beloved by Toni Morrison use flashbacks throughout the novel. There can be shocking, high-quality, or tolerable flashbacks. They are scenes that are put in that takes in the character life back in time from the current point. In Beloved by Toni

Morrison flashbacks are used thought out the novel but why did Toni Morrison use the technique to make certain points in this book? “Anything dead coming back to life hurts” on page 55, this tells a lot about her trying to come back to life after so many hurting years. That flashback about her pregnancy is the pain she suffers during it and birth of the only child she still has. Which at this moment could be sad or a happy flashback. When Sethe was washing the chamomile off her legs; she began having a flashback about Sweet Home Plantation on page 6.

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Flashbacks: Pain and Toni Morrison Essay
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She remembers how her milk was stolen from her breast and when she was a slave. This flashback made Sethe mad all over again and made her think about how and what she had been though. Then she questioned why did they do that to her and when she was free and killed her baby to keep her baby from having to live the life she lived with all that pain and hurt. When Sethe say, “That’s all you let yourself remember,” this shows how Sethe’s life is still tangled with her past she can’t go a moment without remembering it as shown with flashback.

The past was nerve racking and put Sethe though a lot of pain and she still go though some of that pain though out her life when she either see something or hear something that reminded her of that time when she was a slave. Toni Morrison uses the flashback technique because she wants to make her characters a stronger positive person. All that Sethe had been thru and how she overcomes each problem made her stand like superwomen where she can with stand any and everything.

Even though the characters went through ainful and damaging things but that helped the characters by hardening their self- esteem. Now and then everyone needs to go thru somethings where they will be able to help their children and show them the family history all that you had to go thru to get your family where they are today and help someone else with the flashback by telling them how it made you a better person how it can help them overcome what they are going thru. Sources Beloved by Toni Morrison Flashbacks: Pain and Toni Morrison By lexstrongl 4


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