flashcards to study for 1/21 test Kobren

Definitiion Term
The allele that is expressed even when it is paired with a recessive allele dominant allele
Segment of DNA genes
To receive from parents inherit
The measure of the likelihood that an event will occur


The allele that is hidden when a dominant allele is present recessive allele
The genetic material found in chromosomes; made of 4 chemicals DNA
A diagram that is used to predict outcomes of genetic crosses Punnett Square
Having 2 identical alleles for a trait Ex: AA or aa Purebred
The people born and living at the same time generation

Having 2 different alleles for a trait Ex: Aa

The genetic makeup of an individual Ex: Bb, LL, ss genotype
The passage of genetic instructions from one generation to the next. heredity
The result of reproduction; aka children offspring
Human cells contain 46 of these; found in nucleus of cells chromosomes
The physical appearance of an organism Ex: blue eyes phenotype
Another word for a characteristic trait
A different variety or “flavor” of a gene allele
How many pairs of chromosomes do humans have in most cells? 23

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