flavonoids Essay

Flavonoids can be found in plant which can be synthesized from phenelalanine. The presence of flavonoids in plants give colours to the plants. In terms of structure, flavonoids are built from polyphenolic compound which is composed 1 5 carbon atoms. Structural class,degree of hydroxylation, other substituitions, conjugations and degree of polymerization determine the chemical nature in flavonoids. Flavonoids are classified into at least ten chemical groups. They are flavanones, flavones, isoflavonoids, flavans (flavanols), anthocyanins and flavonols,(Cook & Samman , 996).

Sources that provide flavonoids usually come from all fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Medical properties inside flavonoids give benefits to human health. Flavonoids can protect cell structures due to its properties as antioxidants. According to Zand & Diamandis,(2002) flavonoids are believed can be antioxidants in the prevention of human diseases. oxygen is one of elements that is needed by human body for several purposes. However, exposure to oxygen without controlling in human body can oxidize and damage cells.

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With the presence of flavonoids in human body can counter this problem by neutralizing overly reactive oxygen containing molecules and prevent the molecules from damaging parts of cells. Besides that, flavonoids acts as inflammation control in human body (Middleton, 1992). lnflammation is a natural part of immune systems that function to response to the danger or damage that occur in human body. T cells, B cells, NK cells, mast cells, neutrophils and many cells involve in immune system have shown to alter their behavior in the presence of lavonoids. n addition, quercetin inside flavonoids plays important role against cardiovascular disease by reducing capillary fragility and inhibiting platelet aggregation (Gaby, 1998). Risk of cardiovascular disease can be reduced by flavonoids intake in diet. Carcinogesis is a process where normal cells transform to cancer cells. Chemical groups of flavonoids such as isoflavones genistein, daidzein and biochanin A that presence in soy is believed can reduced carcinogenesis from occurring.

The genistein can suppress the development of the cancer chemically. Thus, people those have this disease can be treated well. Lastly, risk of artherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and stroke can be lowered by flavonoids intake. This is because anthocyanins inside flavonoids help to relax blood vessels and support healthy blood flow. In conclusion, medical properties of flavonoids give benefits to human health. Thus, to improve our health, we must increase flavonoids intake in our food. flavonoids By sitifatimah7189


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