Flaws in non Western Education Essay

What is true and untrue differ from every part of the world you are located in. Earth and everything around In behaves in a certain manner depending on whether you are up North or down South. Looking at what Kazoo had mentioned about what are true facts In the Western world, happen to be extremely untrue in the North. This Is all the result of the difference In the climates, location, their values and their living conditions.

As many know who had passed Geography in elementary school, the weather doesn’t behave the same in every part of the world. That is due to the Earth and Sun’s rotation. We all have grown to know that the Sun rides in the East and set in the West, but that “fact” doesn’t apply to the rest of the world. This had been one of the examples that was taught to Inupiat children, and the knowledge of a fact that isn’t necessarily true due to their location was a determination of how educated they were.

Where they are from the Suns location and time of setting and/or rising varied. Depending on the season the Sun would behave In a deferent manner, ” 1) It didn’t rise at all; 2) It peeks through the horizon for a few minutes; 3) It rises In the South ND sets In the South a few minutes later; 4) It rises In the East and sets In the West; 5) It rises In the North and sets in the North almost twenty-four hours later; 6)’ doesn’t set at all” -Situate Leona Kazoo (78).

This is why children were thought to be uneducated, during school they would be questioned on this subject and would reply be asking what time of the year it was in response, or with a different answer due to the season they would be considered wrong, even though the children had been brought up to know the true facts about their home land. This may differ from culture to culture, or family to family, but everyone has different values.

Each person carries their own beliefs and acts a certain way. A good example that was mentioned in Osaka’s article said, In the western world families would vault their elderly In a special occasion and on the other hand the people of Inupiat would pay vaults almost everyday. Each has a valid reason to behave In such a way, the Western appreciate one another’s privacy, but in the North if the elders do not get frequent visits it would be considered as if they are not loved by their children.

An Inupiat child was taught the Western value and when she had moved to the city she knew that her relatives lived close by but only visited them when her dad had been in town. This upset them because they were taught different values. Ninepin’s have a slower reaction due to their living conditions, observing everything before reacting before making any decisions which could result in either life or death. In the Western world on the other hand, quick reaction is key and proves that one Is educated. The conditions we live In are very deferent from theirs, which make us react In a certain manner and time.

In the schooling system the Inupiat centre were expected to respond quickly when asked a quest, Wendell they were brought up to take their time and observe. Due to this the students were often mistaken to be uneducated. Every culture and country is different from one another. Basing another ethnicities knowledge by testing them on your own will not be sufficient enough to prove that one is more educated than another. We were all brought up to believe and abide various values and morals. As people we learn from our geographical placement , life experiences, and what goes on around us.

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Flaws in non Western Education Essay
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