Fletcher's 6th Grade Earth Science Review

Term Definition
Rift Crustal feature formed at divergent boundaries
North American Plate Continental plate in which the United States are found
Volcano A place where gas, ash and melted rock come out of the ground
Seismic The type of waves produced by earthquakes
Geology The study of the Earth; what it is made of and the processes that effect it
Pyroclastic A type of cloud filled with hot ash, and pieces of rocks from a volcano
Transform The type of plate boundary in which the plates slide past one another
Nazca The Oceanic plate found off the west coast of South America
Pangea The name of the super-continent that may have existed in Earth's past
Continental Drift The theory proposed by Alfred Wegner
Convergent Tectonic plate boundary in which the Plates are colliding
Fault A name given to the place where two tectonic plates meet
Subduction When 2 plates collide and one plate is forced under the other
Pacific The oceanic plate found off the west coast of South America
San Andres Famous fault line that is made of the North American and Pacific plates
Antarctic The Southern most tectonic plate
Lava Magma that reaches the Earth's surface
Caldera A type of hole in the ground produced when a magma chamber collapses
Mountains The geologic action of colliding continental plates produce these
Divergent The type of plate boundary in which the plates are dividing
Trenches The lowest points in the ocean found at Subduction zones
Indoaustralian The tectonic plate that holds Australia
Islands The result of an Oceanic tectonic plate moving over a hot spot
Magma Plume Another name for a hot spot
Convection Hot fluid rising

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