Fletcher's 7th grade Genetics Review

Term Definition
Mitosis The process in which a normal cell produces a copy of itself
Gregor Mendel A monk who laid the foundations for modern genetics
Heterozygous A description of a genotype like this Bb
Sperm The male sex cell
Genome The entire genetic code in an organism
Haploid A cell with unpaired chromosomes
Diversity An advantage of sexual reproduction
Dominant The expressed allele
phenotype A listing of the physical traits of possible offspring
Diploid A cell with paired chromosomes
Somatic A normal body cell
Female The gender represented by XX chromosomes
Allele The specific genetic information about a single trait
Meiosis The process of making sex cells
Twenty Three The number of chromosomes in one single human sex cell
Incomplete Dominance When two alleles for a trait produce a mixed expression
Recessive The allele that may be hidden
Chromosome The way genetic material is stored inside a cell
Gene A section of DNA
Seventy five Percent The chances that two heterozygous tall pea plants will produce tall offspring
Heredity The study of how traits are passed from parent to offspring
Genotype Listing of the genetic makeup of an organism
Zygote The first diploid cell produced after successful sexual fertilization

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