Flow of Blood & Urine Through Kidney

Renal artery
Segmental arteries
Interlobar arteries
Arcuate arteries
Interlobular arteries
Afferent arterioles
Glomerular capillaries
Efferent arterioles
Peritubular capillaries and/or vesa recta
Interlobular veins
Arcuate veins
Interlobar veins
Segmental veins
Renal vein
Blood Flow Through Kidney
Bowmans Capsule
Proximal convoluted tubule
Loop of Henle
Distal convoluted tubule
Collecting duct
Papillary duct
Minor calyx
Major calyx
Renal pelvis
Urinary Bladder
Flow of Urine
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Flow of Blood & Urine Through Kidney
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