Food and Beverage Operations Essay

A REPORT ON FOOD AND BEVERAGE OPERATIONS BY Javed Hussain Attar Introduction: This paper is mainly about the establishment of a gym in a five-star hotel which consists of 400 bedrooms. Being an Executive Chef in the above mentioned hotel I am responsible to establish a small restaurant in the gym. The gym is open for all the customers and the staff as well. The restaurant should contain the food and also the beverages. Both the food and beverages should be healthy and hygienic as it helps the customers in maintaining their diet and keeping themselves healthy.

In the interview I have been asked few questions about the review of food and beverages needed for the restaurant, and also been asked to investigate the importance of financial control for the new restaurant and also the cost and selling price of the food and beverages for the new restaurant in the gym. Generally the restaurant in the gym should consist of the hygienic food which contains very less fat and calories and should have the drinks and beverages which are good for health and very energetic. Energy drinks should also be available as the customers will lose most of their energy in working out.

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The answers for the questions I have been asked in the interview are explained clearly and are given to the best of my knowledge. Food and Beverages after Gym: Q1) All the customers who come for the gym would like to go to a coffee bar or would like to have healthy snacks once they finish their workout. Generally they prefer the fruit juice, milk shakes, vegetable soup, vegetable salad etc.. So the restaurant should contain the healthy snacks, fruits, vegetables, coffee, milk shakes, energy drinks and protein food.

Most of the customers would like the energy drink like Redbull, Energizer etc. , to energize their body. The restaurant should contain all the departments separately like the food division, coffee and milkshakes, fruits and vegetables etc. , and a spacious tiny bar along with chairs should be provided for the customers to sit and get relaxed. The restaurant does not serve on the table for any customer, but they need to come near the bar, order their food and beverage which ever they like and help themselves. The restaurant should be at the corner of the gym but visible to everyone.

It should be spacious and preferably should be in the open space so that it can give fresh air where the customers get more relaxed. The restaurant should have the food like sandwiches, egg, and fruits etc which not only give proteins to human body but also a kind of activeness and health and energy. Fish is a very protein food and it has good effect on diet. Most of the people who workout at the gym takes fish, so we aim to provide fish at the restaurant. The fish should be available in three or four flavours but with less oil and fat. No fat contents like cheese, butter would be available as no one will have it.

Anti-oxidants: “Antioxidant means “against oxidation. ” Antioxidants work to protect lipids from per oxidation by radicals. Antioxidants are effective because they are willing to give up their own electrons to free radicals. When a free radical gains the electron from an antioxidant it no longer needs to attack the cell and the chain reaction of oxidation is broken (4). After donating an electron an antioxidant becomes a free radical by definition. Antioxidants in this state are not harmful because they have the ability to accommodate the change in electrons without becoming reactive.

The human body has an elaborate antioxidant defence system. Antioxidants are manufactured within the body and can also be extracted from the food humans eat such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, meats, and oil. There are two lines of antioxidant defence within the cell. The first line, found in the fat-soluble cellular membrane consists of vitamin E, beta-carotene, and coenzyme Q (10). Of these, vitamin E is considered the most potent chain breaking antioxidant within the membrane of the cell. Inside the cell water soluble antioxidant scavengers are present.

These include vitamin C, glutathione peroxidise, superoxide dismutase (SD), and catalyse (4). Only those antioxidants that are commonly supplemented (vitamins A, C, E and the mineral selenium). ” So all the anti-oxidants should be available as it is the best for gym and working out of the body. Fruits: “After much research a great deal of scientists agree that:   raw fruits and (cooked) vegetables are the only right nutrition for human beings. If you want to succeed in living a truly healthy life the best thing to do is to consume as much of the ‘right nutrition’ as possible each day.

The more raw fruits and (cooked) vegetables you eat, the more your appetite for them increases and you might end up feeding your body with nothing but the right nutrition! If you don’t consume five pieces of fresh fruit a day yet (raw or squeezed) and you want to lose some weight permanently in a period of, say, six weeks (this period depends on your current eating pattern) the best thing to do is eat (or squeeze) those five fruits every day. If you haven’t consumed that much healthy food for a long time, it is most likely that your body starts to detoxify. You could even get sick. Q2) A financial statement for the restaurant should be made. It consists of how much can be invested for a restaurant in the gym and what are the expected returns out of that restaurant. The amount we are investing should be returned through the profits of the restaurant. A clear price list of the menu should be made by creating a margin profit for all the items available in the menu. The selling price of the items in the restaurant should be little more compared to the price in the outlet shops. The customers should be satisfied with the price of the menu at the same time.

No customers are allowed to bring the food from outside as it reduces the income of the restaurant in the gym. There should be a concession for the staff members nearly about 20%. This will discount should be covered as one of the benefits for the employees. The financial statement will help us in running the restaurant effectively. It is like a guideline for the restaurant. The selling price of all the beverages should be more than the buying price and we should be making some profit out of it. Suppose if the buying price of a beverage is ? 2 then the selling price of that beverage in our restaurant should be around ? . 50 so that we can earn 50 pence on each beverage. The cost of coffee and other milk shakes should also be covering at least 20% profit. For milk shakes, coffee and other items the buying cost of all the ingredients and the making cost of it should be calculated and should be sold to make at least some profit margin. The cost of all these should be less for the staff members compared to that of the outside customers. The financial statement should also tell us about the amount we are supposed to spend every month for the food and other items and the expected amount of profits we are supposed to get.

In order to produce the menu items for the guests, we need to order the proper raw materials for our restaurant. This typically requires purchasing food and supplies from one or more vendors every week. Choosing a vendor and placing an accurate food order can be a tricky process, so consider the following guidelines when selecting vendors and purchasing inventory for our restaurant. Choosing a vendor is much like hiring a employee. It is best to find a company and people with whom you work well and comfortable. At a minimum, a vendor is responsible to delivering food or supplies at a price within the budget.

However, do not make a decision based solely on price. We need to work out several details about product specifications, delivery times, and terms of payment, and so choosing a vendor with whom you can forge a good working relationship will be helpful in the long run. Use the following guidelines to find a vendor that will suit your needs Get to know the company, and ask them what other restaurants they serve. By contacting those restaurants, you can get an idea about the vendor staff as well as the way they do business. As we are not only looking for someone to supply you with product, but someone to help you succeed as well.

Look for quality product and service. Good vendors are not always the ones with the cheapest prices. Without quality food and supplies, your restaurant will not bring in the customers and the revenue it needs to survive. Additionally, quality customer service is the foundation of a good working relationship, so look for a vendor who can provide great, consistent service to you and our restaurant employees. ” References: 1) http://www. exrx. net/Nutrition/Antioxidants/Antioxidants. html 2) http://www. thefruitpages. com/weightloss. shtml


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