Food, Inc. Essay

It seems like today all of our food is handled and processed by somebody else. Well, the truth is that Americans don’t have the time to farm and basically, get their hands dirty. On that note, I do believe that it’s necessary to have other people handle the food we eat. For two reasons I believe this, one, the people who process the food need the job and the money that comes with it, and two, most Americans don’t even want to know about the food they buy. Although Americans don’t want to know about where our food came from and how it got there, I believe we have a right to know, even if it’s only a few of us.

These are the questions that many of us need to know: What are we putting into our bodies? What is it that industries are using to get that food to our plate, pesticides, poisons, or hormones? What are the means of the food getting to grocery stores, hard under-paid labor? What about the ability to admit when the big food producers have done something wrong? How many people have they poisoned? How many of those people have families waiting for closer? Even a simple sorry would do for them, to have any one of those huge companies admit that something was wrong with their food, that they made the mistake.

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Food, Inc. Essay
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But no, these companies have to hide behind legal and crooked ways. Anyone who had the time, patience and the drive to investigate into this issue, or even just watch Food, Inc. once and/or watch another video the argues the same point on the opposing side. Truthfully, anyone who watched the video on one side or the other would agree with the current video they’re watching. Food, Inc. isn’t a valid video with the whole truth, and its rebuttal isn’t either. So, in my conclusion, people have their own opinions, their own values to apply to this. These opinionated kind of videos aren’t helping the cause to find truth in what we eat.


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