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Term Definition
Natural Resource Is a material found on Earth that can be used by people.
Nonrenewable Resource Is one that cannot be replaced for thousands or millions of year once it has been used up.
Renewable Resource Is a natural resource that can be replaced or can replace or new itself.
Evaporation The process in which liquid water changes to water vapor.
Condensation Is the processes in which water vapor turns back into liquid water.
Precipitation Water that falls to Earth.
Fossil Fuel Is a fuel formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals.
Pollution Is the adding of harmful material to the air, water, and soil.
Humus Is a material made up of decayed plant and animal matter.
Soil Profile Is a cross section of soil that shows the different layers in soil.
Top Soil The upper layer of soil that contains minerals and humus.
Pollutant Is a material that causes pollution.
Conservation Is the preserving and wise use of natural resources.
Biodegrable Product is one that breaks down easily in the environment.

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