force and motion

Term Definition
motion the state in which one objects distance from another is changing
reference point a place or object used for comparison to determine if an object is in motion
instantaneous speed shows your speed in an instant
acceleration the rate at which velocity changes refers to increasing speed decreasing speed or changing direction
force a push or pull
newton the SI units used for force acting on an object at one time
unbalanced forces can cause an object to start, stop or change direction
balanced forces equal forces acting in opposite direction
friction the force that two surfaces exert on each other when they rub together
static friction friction that acts on objects that are not moving
gravity a force that pulls objects toward each other
sliding friction occurs when two solid surfaces slide over each other
fluid friction when a solid object moves through a fluid
rolling friction when an object rolls over a object
weight= mass x force of gravity acceleration
free fall when an object falls the only force acting upon it is gravity
terminal velocity the greatest velocity a falling object reaches for every is an object falls its velocity increases by 9.8 m/s
newtons #1 law an object at rest will stay at rest. an moving object will continue to move unless it is acted upon a unbalanced force
inertia the tendency of an object at rest to change in motion. inertia depends on more mass-more inertia .
newtons #2 law acceleration depends on an objects mass and on the net force acting on the object
acceleration= net force/mass
newtons #3 law if one object exerts a force on another object exerting force of equal force in the opposite direction ><
paired forces for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
momentum a moving object can be determined by multiplying its mass(x) its velocity
momentum= mass x velocity
law conservation of momentum the total momentum of any group of objects remains the same (is conserved) unless outside forces act upon objects
centripetal force

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