Foriegn V. American Education Essay

American Education vs.. Foreign Education The structures of foreign education programs are seen by some as being superior to the American education program due to differences In laws and preparation of material. It might be that education in non-U. S lands is dictated through more strict laws concerning what can be taught to the public youth, and even that can be interpreted in a different manner than its original intention.

The level of unification in tottering systems causes a strong central backbone tort the instruction their dents undergo. I am choosing to support this assertion that the American system lacks in superiority when in comparison with other systems in a first world environment. The amount of free speech and promotion of Individual expression In America causes our system to have too much room for opinion over fact. The strongest areas tot the world that can rival the American thirst world education are best represented by that of western Europe.

The European nations such as France can surpass the education in America because of how focused it France’s central overspent controls the overall education process of their country and has the control over every aspect in regards to the instructors. The education process begins around the age of three to five just Like In America, but then It has a structured system they refer to as forms in which steps are taken in a pattern used for all children until they reach the age of 18, They also have three types of schooling from primary to secondary.

The minor years that America refers to as elementary, middle, and high school are referred toast primary school and Cole GE. Throughout these two stages everything taught Is on the same level for all pupils. When they turn 18 they take an examination if they are interested in entering secondary schooling (what we call a university) called a lacey (Education in France Part 1). After taking the examination they must either go to a general, technical or vocational lacey.

In America we do not enforce strong unified education throughout all our schools as France does. This Is why what one student In New York Is learning may be different than what their friend in California is learning. This is also an effect of potential political tortes as well, With students In various states around America being taught different meanings to similar or even the same topics, it is pointless to average them together against a French group of students who have all been molded by the same hands the Is the French education program.

Another key flaw In America when comparing our education system to rival countries would be one of our strongest assets as a nation: our treated tot speech, religion, and different political parties. When America celebrates its freedom, the French can rally under an ideal image that is not completely bullet proof, but still more unified than the American overall opinion(s). The French follow a well-empowered republican tradition that relies on Its State to run the government.

The State is able to use this responsibility to try to Impose as much of Its Ideology possible onto the colleens It educates. Whether they believe It is their own personal choice, but it definitely tops the multiple political parties and teaching curriculums being used on students all over the united States. It would appear that so many diverse teachings In the public school settings would make t Doolittle to take an overall average AT American students Ana prove sound statistics.

A prime example that I have a problem with actually is the lack of backing and support that varies from classroom to classroom when it comes to saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Vive seen teachers force their students to at least stand for it and leave the actual reciting to be optional while others have disciplined those who not only refused to stand, but refused to recite the words as well. With such an important part of our country being so controversial, how could we possibly come together in hopes of besting such a unified foreign program?

Jack Douglass, professor of sociology, captures this idea best in his Policy Analysis, when he states that “the great accomplishments of American scholarship and science in the nation’s first three centuries were not the result of great wealth, huge government expenditures, massive centers of formal education, or expert theories of learning. Learning was overwhelmingly a simple, difficult, but excitingly challenging task of self-help and coal community action” (Douglass).

So if I am raised in a very conservative southern school system, then I obviously am not going to have much in common with a student being taught in a strong liberal school district in San Francisco. It cannot be a strong enough similarity to match that of our opposition who are much more Joined together and on the same page than we are. The opposition to my argument might counter my statements by focusing on exactly the opposite opinion of what I Just argued about our freedoms in America, hindering our educational prowess.

They would try to have you believe that our nation’s individual rights to freedom, when dealing with what we choose to say or believe, are what drive us to be the leading nation. It is true that no society enjoys having policies forced upon them so openly like foreign countries might have, so America gives its people the chance to express themselves and govern themselves by providing multiple possibilities. Yes, the freedoms that America has do make it a nation that can seldom be rivaled, but we did not become this way through pure legalization on the part of our government.

It took much revolution, bloodshed, and misconduct before we came to be the way we are today. So to denounce my opposition’s claims, I would ask them how we can be considered the superior education system when what we teach is so widespread. How can we teach such a variety of lessons when they could not be allowed except through revolution? For where there is revolution there is chaos and we cannot be a unified powerhouse if we are founded through resolution of chaos. This anarchy proves that we are unable o come together under one strong mind.

However, it is not necessarily all the government and educations fault. I do find one final reason for our weak education system’s inability to stay on top of its opponents. The one feature that France, England, and all the other rival nations have in common separate from America is the sheer size of their actual countries and their lack of superiority in other fields of society. France is not even half of the geographical size of America. Not only is America massive in comparison to the individual European countries, but our population is very spread out around the country.

This is the key reason that regional education programs may conflict with others within America. Also countries like France, who do well educationally, cannot match the United States of America on a military level or even meet our employment rate. The U. S unemployment rate is at B as AT January 2012 Wendell ten French rate Is at Y (u s. Bureau AT Largo Ana Statistics). Although this might seem that America is educating its citizens more properly, it has to be remembered than many Jobs in the U.

S economy are starting to not require as much higher education as they used to. To contest America’s power of freedom is foolish, but to claim that we are automatically the most prominent nation simply because we are the country with the most freedoms in education is foolish as well. Our education system is too broad of a field for us to generalize it under one central claim. It is an unfair disadvantage, brought on by our own doing, to sum up our education program in one big picture and compare it to the structure of other countries that are not as free.

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