Form of Surveillance Essay

Big Brother Form of Surveillance – Workplace 2). In relating your answer to the ideas of your chosen theorist you will need to say how the surveillance relates to at least two of the following: (a) caring, (b) control, (c) risk, (d) knowledge, (e) security, and (f) health. 3) Discuss how this surveillance relates to your own experiences. Say how it affects you. Does it improve your security? Does it restrict your freedom? Is it good or bad for you? Has it improved your lot? ) Discuss the consequences of the surveillance for both powerful and marginalised groups. That is who gains and who loses from the surveillance? Britain is becoming a society in which surveillance is increasing, it was found that “There are up to 4. 2m CCTV cameras in Britain – about one for every 14 people” ( BBC 2012). It was explained Richard (2013) that “Monitoring of work rates, travel and telecommunications is also rising” it is now known that more and more people are under surveillance within the British society.

Surveillance can be defined in many ways, ” it could either mean to “watch upon”, with regards to “protection in mind” therefore the one being watched is shown care “in a context where they can flourish”, t can also be defined as to watch, so therefore the individuals under surveillance does not get “up to mischief” (Lyon, 2001 p2). Surveillance creates many debates within society; the issue revolves around an ethical debate between the right to privacy and the need of protection. “To begin with, privacy is a right that is taken for granted by many individuals.

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Technology is challenging this right, and as further developments are made, the availability of privacy will continue to dissolve” ( Bassick, M etal 2007). Therefore the more advance and available surveillance becomes the more debates it will cause within Britain’s society. To explain the extent of the concern in regards to surveillance the following essay will relate the surveillance methods to known theorist; it will look at how surveillance affects individuals, the limitations is causes and relate to the log/diary created about a work place and its use of surveillance.

There is a sense in which such surveillance expresses an on- going theme, that those who establish some means of watching others are demonstrating that they do not trust those being watched” (Lyon, 2007, p48). Within society there are many ethical issues in regards to surveillance, individuals question ociety about whether we are being watched out of our depths, individuals feel that privacy is not a factor in which Britain’s surveillance society encounters; some explain that it might be more to do with controlling the society.

Most theorists explained that surveillance is a product of modernity it is the development of modern capitalist and industrial society. Modernity relates to the progress of societies, from early civilisation which now evolved arriving at a modern society characterised by industrialisation and capitalism, in which has now contemporary society. (Giddens, 2002). Surveillance for Karl Marx was defined as, “a fundamental aspect of the capitalist economy and the modern nation state” (Fuchs, C. 2010, p5). Karl Marx made clear divisions between the classes within society, and related his study to the class structure of a capitalist society. Fuchs, C 2010). The Marxist described the concept of capital accumulation which allows to systematically distinguish six forms of economic surveillance: applicant surveillance, workplace surveillance, workforce surveillance, property surveillance, consumer surveillance, and surveillance of competition (Fuchs,C 2010) The concept is used to rovide a general critical understanding of surveillance. Another theory in which explained the role of surveillance was the Foucault theory, the theory explained the behavioural outcomes of different types of surveillance. The Panopticon was a metaphor in which Foucault explained the relationship between systems of social control and the power-knowledge concept. Foucaults views explained furthermore into, power and knowledge and is created from observing others. It marked the change to a disciplinary power, with every movement supervised all events recorded”(Moya, 2012). Therefore the form of surveillance in which will be analysed is KFC Restaurant, the reason I have selected work surveillance is due to the fact I am currently an employee at KFC and therefore I am familiar with the surveillance methods in place.

KFC is situated within a service station that currently is Joint to two coffee shops and a petrol station. The car park is located in front of the building which can be seen by all, the building and its surroundings are all security camera operated to monitor the inside and outside of the building. The building is also equipped with security alarms and fire alarms that are operated and monitored by ecurity teams. ll these methods of surveillance are currently in place to protect property, staff and the users of the service station; the building is well lit and situated off a main dual carriage way (A50) security staff regularly patrol the inside and outside of the building to ensure pristine safety. KFC, has many forms of surveillance in operation therefore ensuring the safety and privacy of the employees working at the branch. Many individuals can question the use of surveillance in regards to privacy in which is another ethical issue. KFC uses doors with code locks n in which the information is only shared to the employees of that branch. here is a clock on/off system which consist of each employee having their own Identify code and password, this information should not b shared with any other colleagues and even managers of the store. There are over 7 cameras situated around the workplace, in which will record live CCTV footage in which is recorded and played onsite. Working as a team in KFC is very important, working in managerial order is significant, throughout all tasks, each employee is being watched and under camera surveillance in which enforces efficiency of the work force.

In relation to Weber, KFC could be seen to work under a bureaucratic organisation the theorist goes to explain the importance of hierarchal structure , division of labour and the specialisation of a company/organisation. Weber explained that if an organisation worked and specialised in one area this would therefore allow efficiency therefore only selling one product of chicken allows KFC to specialise in one area( Hekman, 1983) Being under surveillance is important, its allows organisations to watch over employees to look back and look at ways to improve their function within the organisation. stly it allows managers to ensure employees do their Job properly. Within KFC individual each have their own cashier number in which is entered into the cash register before shifts, this enables the managers and other high boards within the organisation to watch how much profit is made. Each receipt will have the cashiers name printed on the top therefore money can be under surveillance at all times. Being under surveillance is important, it ensures the security of myself other employees and also customers so if a problem did arise it could be resolved easier when surveillance is in practise.

Max Weber’s theory explained that bureaucracy put society within an iron cage’, in which limits and restricts individual within there working organisation. the theorist explained that the implementation of surveillance at the work place is to achieve the most efficient with regards to achieving goals within the organisation. (REFERENCE). the employers will keep watch on the workers to ensure that they are as productive as possible. However, this can cause ethical debates within the work force as workers state that they may feel a lack of privacy and also can lead to other effects such paranoia.

Weber theory of a bureaucratic organisation can also have many limitations on a company. Weber explained that within a work force there should be strict rules and regulations in which need to be followed. He also added that individuals should not involve other matters within their Job. therefore looking at the disadvantages of the theory, it could be explained that if individuals feel they are being watched they may not use their own initiative when working . Weber predicted the possibility of people being trapped in their specialised routines, with little awareness of the relationship between their Jobs and the organisation. Morrison, 1997). As a result if there was ever a problem within the organisation employees would not work towards solving the problem as they know that they have to work and follow strict rules and regulations, this also means that individuals will not work to helping others within the organisations. With regards to KFC there are many individuals with the same Job title, all team members work together to ensure a efficient work force, therefore Weber’s theory would cause disruption within the organisation. Whilst working at KFC, I created a diary in which logged the aspects of surveillance ithin the institution.

Creating the diary was a process that was found very challenging. firstly before constructing the diary, I had to ask the managers permission to use KFC as a example of surveillance. The diary logged the methods in which are currently in practise to ensure the safety and control of employees within the building. The diary allowed me to create the information needed to construct the essay, it worked to help analyse the techniques of surveillance in practice. Working at KFC made the information needed in the diary easily accessible and allowed more in- depth knowledge relating to the Job.

Problems in which were encountered when creating the diary was the fact some individuals found it uncomfortable as i wrote down the information they needed they became more aware of the camera, therefore causing some individual in the workforce to feel paranoid. Also when asking for due to confidentiality and anonymity. He explained that ID numbers, door codes and employees names should not be used within the diary. Overall creating the diary allowed me to grasp information on different types of surveillance and also the uses within KFC. How surveillance controls and keep us safe(SECURITY)


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