Formations in the Military Essay

Importance of formations in the military Formations in the military are a very important part of keeping the structure an order that the military has. The importance and purpose of formations in the military is to help keep all solider and leaders safe and aware at all time. Formations in the military are essential in keeping track of where every soldier is at all times. Because of formation a soldiers leadership can track and can stay aware of what a solider is doing and where they are at all times of the duty day.

If a soldier has an appointment it is vital that the squad leader know so if or when it is time for a formation, and the squad leader has to report to the platoon sergeant where his or her soldier is he needs to know so the platoon sergeant cant know why his count is the way is short of the platoon total. Formations in the military help soldiers and leaders to keep track of where their people and equipment are.

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Formations in the Military Essay
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Due to the fact the military uses formations it makes it easier for leadership to keep track of weapons. For example if the platoon sergeant need to get a count of weapons he has with him in the field with him during a training exercise all he has to do is hold a formation, and when all soldiers are present and accounted for he can either have a weapons count or walk thru with his list of weapons, serial numbers and the person in which they are assigned to.

This way he is able to check who has their correct or incorrect weapon, and or which weapons are missing from the formation. The same goes for equipment thru the use of a formation the leadership is able to track where his soldiers are which solider has what piece of equipment and what piece of equipment is missing and or lost. With the use of formations all lost and or misplaced equipment can be identified an thru this action a proper search will be conducted.

Formations in the military are vital in making sure that all soldiers are safe and are where they need to be at all times. When a soldier is missing from formation, and his leadership has no clue where the soldier is at there is cause for alarm for the soldier as to he or she may be injured somewhere and or in the hospital and may be unable to reach their leadership due to their current physical condition. Formations are a key part to keeping accountability of all people and equipment.

Formations in the military serve a very crucial part in keeping the organization, order and standards that the military is expected to uphold and adhere to. The importance of formations in the military is so that order is kept when it comes to the leadership keeping track of all the soldiers that they are under their command as well the equipment that they are put in charge of. Accountability is everything in the military


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