Fortune 500 Companies And Ethics Group Members Commerce Essay

Ethical motives is indispensable to the success of a concern and the economic system. Therefore most concerns develop a codification of moralss. A codification of moralss is a set of written guidelines issued by an organisation to its employees and direction to assist them carry on their actions in conformity with its primary values and ethical criterions ( Business Dictionary, 2011 ) . Standards and rules are of import, but they are besides critical in mundane life anticipation. This includes an person ‘s work environment. The intent of a codification of moralss policy is to supply its board of managers, disposal, forces, and others an orientation that abides by a concern class of ethical criterions, rules, and action. Each concern should develop a codification of moralss as a criterion for his or her industry to stay by on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing. It should concentrate on cardinal factors that are of import to the single concern specification. The honestness of a concern and its work forces is indispensable to the overall success of the organisation as a unit. Knowing how of import moralss is we have decided to measure a few companies in respects to their ethical systems. This rating will concentrate on four luck 500 companies, Bank of America, CitiGroup ( chiefly known as Citibank ) , SunTrust, and Wells Fargo. This procedure will include general information about each company concentrating chiefly on their ethical systems, and how it is put into pattern on an employee, direction, or board of manager degree. This paper will besides compare and contrast all of the companies and measure a decision on how ethically effectual or uneffective each company operates.

Harmonizing to McNulty, “ concern moralss began to take form as a formal subject in the United States in the mid-1970s and in the intervening old ages the field has exploded and spread around the universe ” ( 2011 ) . However, concern moralss has been about since before 1960. The history merely depends on one ‘s perceptual experience and aims in sketching the construct. Research has proven that moralss as a field of idea has existed in faith and doctrine for 1000s of old ages and has been applied to concern activities in the same manner ethical values and norms have been applied to mundane life. McNulty goes on to state, “ today, virtually every major corporation has a codification of moralss and an officer responsible for reding the company on affairs of moralss and legal conformity ” ( 2011 ) . Society views moralss as a moral behaviour that is accepted and considered as right instead than incorrect. Therefore, we tend to easy knock concern and political leaders for ethical and moral defects and would see low managerial moralss as a major cause of concerns deficits.

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Fortune 500 Companies And Ethics Group Members Commerce Essay
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The first company from Fortune 500 companies that we are traveling to depict is Bank of America. Bank of America is one of the most well-thought-of, and solid companies of the United States. Its concern moralss codification is continually updating harmonizing to the present demands of the concern universe. The moralss codification of Bank of America is frequently modeled for other companies in the United States and around the universe.

The Bank of America Code of Ethics ( the “ Code of Ethics ” or the “ Code ” ) provides basic guidelines of concern pattern, and professional and personal behavior, that one is expected to follow and continue as a Bank of America employee. The public Judgess Bank of America by their actions as employees. This Code is intended to steer our behavior, and to transfuse public trust and assurance as they demonstrate their committedness to their Core Values. The Code of Ethics contains the undermentioned cardinal subjects consistent with their Core Valuess:

Making the right thing – They have the duty to make what ‘s right for their clients, stockholders, communities and one another.

Trusting and Teamwork- They win together, taking combined duty for their clients ‘ satisfaction.

Inclusive Meritocracy – They care about one another, value one another ‘s differences, focal point on consequences and strive to assist all associates reach their full potency.

Wining – They have a passion for accomplishing consequences and winning-for their clients, our stockholders, our communities and one another.

Leadership – They will be decisive leaders at every degree, pass oning their vision and taking action to assist construct a better hereafter.

With that being said, it should be simple to calculate out some of the things that are expected of Bank of America ‘s forces and staff. ( FINISH? ? ? ? )

Citibank is the 2nd company to be researched, and we have gathered some interesting information in respects to the company every bit good as their ethical system. For over 200 old ages Citibank has demonstrated common intent, responsible finance, inventiveness and leading. They hold their repute in high respect, because they have about 200 million client histories, 260,000 employees and does concern in more than 160 counties. Citibank employs and provides services for people from every background, race, and faith. For that ground, Citibank has an in deepness concern moralss codification to guarantee they are moving in the best involvement of their clients and the community. Their concern moralss codification includes:

Common Purpose – One squad, with one end: helping clients and stakeholders

Responsible Finance – Behavior that is crystalline, prudent, and reliable

Ingenuity – Enhancing clients lives through invention that harnesses the comprehensiveness and deepness of information, planetary web and world-class merchandises

Although Citibank ‘s codification of moralss involves many facets, it all boils down to forces and staff executing with the highest degree of unity. Citibank expects employees to non merely remain professional with clients, to be respectful of one another. As a consequence, favoritism, torment, or bullying of any sort is prohibited. Citibank besides seeks to protect personal and confidential information collected from employees every bit good as personal information from clients. Employees are prohibited from go throughing on personal information to anyone for non-business related intents.

Furthermore, Citibank expects employees to execute with the highest degree of unity utilizing the above reference rules. They besides expect employees to common sense when unethical behaviour is witnessed that is non cover in the company codification of moralss, as the codification can non expect every issue employees may meet. Employee are provided several options for describing unethical behaviour and are expected to describe all concerns utilizing one of the options every bit shortly as possible. Citibank has an moralss hotline, an moralss web site, a physical mailing reference, and a facsimile figure available for unethical concerns or issues. However, as with any fiscal establishment, struggle of involvement is a really of import issue. As a consequence, Citibank prohibits offering, allowing, or assuring anything of value to authorities functionaries, household members, or anyone else for particular favours. Employees are besides prohibited to accept anything of value from clients. All in all, Citibank expects ( FINISH? ? ? ? ? )

The following company on the list to be analyzed is SunTrust. SunTrust Bank is one of the largest and strongest fiscal keeping companies in the United States. SunTrust was founded in 1891, is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and is estimated to hold entire assets of more than $ 172 billion. With such a success in assets, it is obvious that they excessively have implemented concern moralss into their concern operations. They understand that in the universe of commercialism, establishments have certain guidelines to follow. Hence, SunTrust has a Code of Ethics Business Handbook that all employees have to read and follow. The company strives to maintain a good repute and to progress in success. Each employee is expected to stay by the regulations of the codebook with all honestness, unity, and sound judgement. The same manner that an employee has to hold to move harmonizing to this codification, SunTrust besides has a pledge to every worker assuring to:

Seek to advance equal employment and calling promotion chance, and to extinguish prejudice on the footing of race, credo, colour, gender, faith, age, disablement, national beginning, veteran position, sexual orientation, or any categorization protected by applicable jurisprudence.

Maintain on-going affirmatory action plans, and expects directors and all other employees to follow to the full with the spirit every bit good as the commissariats of these plans

And to do demonstrated ability and making the primary footing for choice and publicity

In return, the employees ( FINISH? ? ? )

Last, we analyzed Wells Fargo in order to derive some penetration into their ethical system. Wells Fargo Bank has become one of the largest fiscal establishments in North America. However, Wells Fargo Bank is non merely a bank ; it is so much more. It ‘s a premium fiscal service supplier. It believes in its people and merchandises to assist them to win. So the inquiry is, “ how does concern moralss contribute to its overall success? ”

Wells Fargo is a company that non merely puts down its values in ink, but they purely abide by them every bit good. Wells Fargo expects its squad members to conform to the uttermost imaginable criterions of moralss and concern behavior with clients, squad members, sellers, shareholders, other investors, and the communities it serves. It besides expects them to adhere to all applicable Torahs, regulations, and ordinances that govern our concerns. Simply stated, Wells Fargo ‘s purpose is to advance an ambiance in which ethical behaviour is good recognized as a precedence and adept every twenty-four hours. This is of great importance because direction believes that each squad member has a personal duty to follow these criterions because the actions of the staff of Wells Fargo finally act upon what people think of the company.

Wells Fargo ‘s codification of moralss is grouped into subdivisions that put accent on the indispensable and supplanting rules that should steer their behaviour. Those rules are:

act in a mode that will function the best involvements of Wells Fargo

act in a mode that is honorable and trusty

act in a mode that will continue confidential information

act in a mode that will avoid struggles of involvement or the visual aspect of struggles of involvement

Furthermore, Wells Fargo is committed to following all regulations and ordinances in all vicinities, provinces, and states that they do concern in non merely because it is the right thing to make but because it helps them to keep and protect the company repute. Therefore, all employees are expected to back up this committedness and service Wells Fargo ‘s best involvement in several ways. A few of these ways are by one being knowing about the occupation and acknowledging that your professional and personal behaviour can positively every bit good as negatively affect Wells Fargo ‘s repute and behaving in a responsible mode that sustains Wells Fargo ‘s repute.

However, Wells Fargo understands that they can non and make non supply regulations that will cover every possible circumstance, hence, they expect their staff and forces to non merely utilize common sense and good judgement when there is a concern about inappropriate behaviour, but to take the safeguards to turn to the issue in a timely mode… … even if it means describing said behaviour to through one of the assorted agencies ( EthicsLine, web study, etc. ) provided by the company. In a nutshell, Wells Fargo expects their employees to non make anything indirectly that they would non make straight under the Code.

Now that we have discussed each of the companies individually, it makes is it easier to compare and contrast them. When comparing and contrasting the four Bankss, Bank of America, Citibank, SunTrust and Wells Fargo, the Bankss are more similar than different. Their implied policies are about indistinguishable and their differences are little. All of the Bankss have regulations about covering with employees and clients, internal or external. All four of the Bankss have a written codification of behavior in which all employees are required to follow. Each bank ‘s codification of behavior might be written in different words, but finally portray the same thoughts.

For starting motors, all of the Bankss must lawfully stay by the federal Torahs set by the authorities. Each of the Bankss has written in their codification of behavior that they agree to follow all of the federal Torahs. All Bankss ‘ codifications of behavior have guidelines that discuss esteeming and following all of the federal regulations, Torahs and ordinances. There are besides guidelines that discuss following applicable local Torahs and ordinances. The ordinances include issues such as fiscal duty and human dealingss. Citibank besides includes they expect employees to move with common sense when covering with ethical issues that are non stated in the guidelines.

Second, all of the Bankss ‘ Code of Ethics provinces their stance on moving in the best involvement of the clients and stakeholders. However, all but SunTrust specifically adds valuing and esteeming the community to their codifications. Citibank adds an accent to the importance of providers along with their clients and employees. They even take it a measure farther with saying they hold their providers up to the same criterions as their employees and agents. Wells Fargo besides expands their list by including clients, squad members, stock holders, sellers, other shareholders and the community.

Third, all of the Bankss ‘ provinces that they strive to keep a good repute. Bank of America and Wells Fargo province they believe that professional and personal behavior of employees can impact the populace ‘s sentiment of the company. Neither Citibank nor SunTrust reference this in their codification of behavior or moralss policy, nevertheless the importance of professional and personal behavior of employees is surely inexplicit.

Fourth, all of the Bankss have stated regulations sing employee behaviour. Employees at all of the Bankss are expected to esteem for one another without bias or favoritism. SunTrust plans to extinguish prejudices by keeping ongoing affirmatory action plans and equal employment. Citibank prohibits favoritism, torment and even bullying. Citibank besides has diverseness preparation.

Fourth, all four Bankss have promised to move ethically when it comes to fiscal duty. The Bankss do hold many similarities when discoursing the human relation issues within their codification of moralss guidelines. Bank of America codification provinces they promote chance from within the organisation. They value their employees ‘ differences and strive to work as a squad. Citibank besides has a teamwork motto – “ one squad one end. ”


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