Foundations of Western Civilization Essay

Essay 1: Pope Urban II launched the First Crusade when the Byzantine emperor Alexios I asked for aid to contend against the Muslims. In 1095. Pope Urban II made a address at the council of Clermont to carry the people and aristocracy who attended the council to pay war for their Holy Land against the Seljuk Turks. His address was considered as one of the most effectual addresss given in European history. Because of this address. he was able to accommodate their battle against the Muslims by stating them that they have to contend together because it is the will of God.

In bend. the Crusaders were Christians formed to pay battles against Muslims. heathens and other political enemies of the Catholic Popes. The First Crusade’s major intent was to repossess Jerusalem from Muslims. Major motives for any Crusader at that clip were the promise of rescue from their wickednesss. freedom from revenue enhancement and protection from the church. Another motive was that if any Crusader died. they will surely travel to heaven. The First Crusades was successful in acquiring back their Holy Land.

Four new lands were established and the First Crusades were followed with more conquerings to derive districts against their enemies. The First Crusades was able to assist the Catholic Pope spread out his power and authorization of the church among the people of those times. Essay 2: ( Aztec. Egyptian and Mayan Civilization ) One common thing about these three civilisations is that they have many Gods that people worship. Religion in these civilisations influenced political life because leaders associated them closely with their Gods.

In the Egyptian civilisation. some Pharaoh considered themselves as boy of the sun-god while some leaders in the mentioned civilisations considered themselves as reincarnations of their Gods. Rulers during this clip were besides the high priests themselves and led many spiritual ceremonials. Religion greatly influenced political conquerings in these ancient civilisations because prisoners from foreign conquerings were chiefly used as human forfeits for spiritual rites and ceremonials.

In Mayan and Aztec civilisations. a figure of their spiritual rites included human forfeits to their major Gods. These rites were used to direct messages across their enemies how powerful they are.


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