Four Patterns of Knowing Essay

Mr. John was a 70 year old male, 170 lbs, 54″ with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). He had a smoking history. He was transferred from the hospital to the Nursing home before six months. He had a history of congestive heart disease and osteoarthritis. When I assessed him, he had a weak but persistent cough, and midsternal chest pain from coughing. He had an elevated temperature and Oxygen saturation was 89%. Other vital signs were stable.

He had a dry skin, redness, and rritation of nose, and throat. He did not want to wear his breathing mask, and refused to get out of bed from the last two days. I was called to the nursing station by one of the social workers working that morning. When I arrived to the nursing station, Social worker voiced her concern that patient family wanted to transfer him to the home. Before I discussed with family, I decided to check the Physician Order Sheet (POS) so I could understand this case better and try to solve the situation in the best ay possible.

After checking the documentation, I decided to schedule a meeting with his wife, and she expressed a concern that she is not able to provide enough time. The John was independent before the situation. John was very active. He was involved in different activities conducted by aactivity members. When I was making a final round before my end of the shift, I felt, John was very frustrated because he wasn’t able to get out of bed due to sickness.

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Four Patterns of Knowing Essay
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