Frankenstein (1251 words) Essay

Author is Mary Shelley
127 pages
Copyright 1992
It was a dreary night in November. The yellow glow of a candle was lite in a small house. Inside sat a young man named Victor Frankenstein at his desk, staring hard at his notebook. Finally finished with his work having thinked he has discovered the secret of life. After he closed the notebook. He told himself there was only one way to prove his discovery is correct, it was by making a living creature live. Victor than put up his notebook, and went to the towns morgue. There he slipped into the graveyard in the back of the morgue. Working all night and day to find the perfect body parts to make a human being. For months he done this until he was finally done collecting all the parts he needed for his experiment. One day someone knocked at his door and he went to go see whoit was, it was a letter for him father telling him how much he missed him. In the letter it also told him how much his best friend Clerval, and his fiance Elizabeth missed him too. Tears welled in Victor eyes as he finished the letter. Ten minutes later , Victor arrived at the university. He entered the medical school hall, it was quiet and empty. So he started to work by opening his bag and taking all the things he needed for his experiment to work with.

Many months later, Victor approached the large wooden operating table finishing up the last parts. The thing was a gigantic human. The thing on the table seemed to move, but it was only the moving of its shadow. Than when the time was right a explosive jolt of lightning came down into his room, and on the thing. Victor watched his creature eyes open. Shouting with great joy knowing that his creation lives. Victor rushed to the desk, unhooked the tubes and wires connecting the creature to the bottle-filled desk.He than tore away the canvas and looked square into the fae of the giant he had made. Victor was scared of his creature that he ran out the room. Pacing himself all night wondering what went wrong with the experiment, his friend came to visit him. Even before a word came out from Victor he fell on the street, so his friend took him home to rest.
The creature still confuse not knowing what was going on started walking toward the forest. There he slept drank, ate, and slept for months until winter season was coming. One evening the giant spied a light through the dark forest. Hungry and cold, he walked toward a small little cottage. There was a little family living in there almost barely surviving. When the lights went out in the cottage the creature went around the corner of the house, and found a small hut to sleep for the night. When morning came he saw alittle crack that gave him sight of the entire house. Each day there the giant added words and ideas to his life by listening to what the people were talking inside. Each day he would help the family by bringing them wood, and rabbits leaving it at the front door. Without the creature help the family would of probably died that winter.
The giant wanted to make friends with the blind old man cause he couldn’t see his ugliness, to tell him he was the one who gathers wood and catches rabbits for them. So after the other member of the family left, the big giant went in to ask the old man to be his friend. The old man was happy there was someone new to talk too. But than his children came in and saw the giant they started beating him. So he ran out the cottage, an into the wood. Now angry knowing that he will never be loved he wanted to get revenge on Victor Frankenstein.

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Frankenstein (1251 words) Essay
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While the next day when the giant ran into a kid. He asked the kid if he wanted to be my friend. The kid just told the giant to go away or his dad Judge Frankenstein will come. When he heard that he wanted to get revenge for what Victor done so he strangled the kid to death. When Victor heard this he went straight to the park in Geneva where his brother death was at, he saw the monster there knowing he done it. The monster told him if he didn’t make him a wife that he would make Victor suffer for what he has done.
Still sad of what happen his dad, and fiance told him to go on a trip to Europe with Henry for awhile, he thought that would of been the perfect place to do what he had to do. Six months had passed. The two friends were in London when a letter arrived for them saying for them to come visit there friend Hugh Lockwood in Scotland. But Henry didn’t go with Victor. Victor left immediately for Scotland, not going to his friends estate. He went to a small town on the coast at the northernmost end of the country.There he asked a fisherman for a boat to go out into the islands. Victor rowed through the night. By morning the small boat was beached on the remote shore of a desolate island. Victor dragged and carried his chests to the hut, and kicked open its door. For months there he worked hard trying to make the wife for the monster, but than he thought it over and destroyed the thing. But he didn’t know the creature was watching him. When he saw what happen the giant took off running with rage. Next moring Victor packed up his stuff, and went back to Scotland. While in the ocean he dropped over everything he had with him. When he got back a man told him to go see the magistrate, or judge of the town. Puzzled of what was going on he went to go see what happen. The judge told him that yesterday night Henry Clerval was strangled to death by a man who was rowing in a boat at night. So they put him in jail for three months, until his trial. But before he was the trial, they found out that Victor wasn’t guilty. Cause people still saw him in his hut when the insodent happen. Victor now really depress cause both his brother, and best friend has died by his creation.
When he got back home to his fiance they immediately got married and went on there honeymoon at a private lake. When they got there Victor checked all the room, and locked up all the windows, doors, and rooms scared that the monster might take his wife too. But he was to late when he heard his wife yelling from down stair. He ran down, but it was to late so he then dedicated his life to find his creation and kill it. While sledding in the near the north pole. Victor got sick and was picked up by a sail crew. When the captain ask him what was he doing in the middle of nowhere almost. Victor told him the story of what happen.When then the captain told him it was just all a imagination he fell to sleep. Last the monster came to where Victor was at and killed him as well.


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