Free Post-Secondary Education Essay

In recent years. It was commonplace for teenagers to follow post-secondary education in Canada. It is because people know that education is very vital. Moreover, times have changed. So, If some students Just only graduated from secondary school, they are not able to face a lot of different job demands In the future. However, the cost of post-secondary education is a major barrier to young people.

Large debts have become common-place for graduates, putting barriers up where, instead, encouragement should be provided, Study after study has shown that education increases opportunities for individuals, improves all of our lives and dads to the improved overall economic strength of Canada. Taking into consideration something the Importance of following post-secondary education, free post-secondary education should be provided by the Canadian government. Firstly, some people argue that post-secondary education Is not necessary for work, In actuality, education increases Job opportunities for individuals.

Poverty, homelessness. Unemployment: these are some of the worst aspects that plague our society. How can people combat these problems? One possibility is through the Increased education of our youth. Nowadays. E have a lot of various schools to choose from, not only universities, but also vocational schools, trade schools, and career colleges, They provide several useful courses, such as Applied Science, Business Administration, Design, Engineering, Information Technology and Languages.

These courses contain their own professional knowledge and skills. After the studies, students must acquire a lot of useful information about their future careers. Taking an example of engineering, not only can students acquire subject knowledge, they can also get an opportunity of internship. This Internship experience ill be a stepping-stone for students to obtain an official Job after graduation. Next, many countries in Europe provide either free or heavily subsidized post-secondary education.

For example, Education in Finland is a system with no tuition fees and with fully-subsidized meals served to full-time students (Coagulant, 2004). How can a small country such as Finland maintain a high-wage, high-skill economy? According to Fenland’s Education Minister, Adult Heathen, “Finland can’t compete with the low- cost economies of Asia, so it must, as a matter of economic survival; invest heavily in education and training’ (Sean Coagulant, 2004). Canada Is also one of the developed countries, government of Canada should learn from Finland.

That is to say, providing free post-secondary education has an essential positive effect on increasing job opportunities for individuals. In additional way providing post-secondary education is not necessary for work, some argue that providing free post-secondary education will Increase the Canadian governments financial burden; however, free post-secondary education can lead to improve the overall economic strength of Canada. Expenditure n education Is one kind of public financial resources’ allocation.

As long as the government allocates the financial resources effectively, it will not be a burden. It is because expenditure on education may help foster economic growth, enhance productivity, contribute to people’s personal and social development and help reduce social Inequalities. People through education will Increase their skill and knowledge 1 OFF AT ten Jon. I en, Owe to ten Improvement AT work inclemency, economics outcomes will increase. So, it can clearly see that providing free post-secondary education is one of he important factors of improving the economics of Canada.

Along with the providing free post-secondary education will increase the Canadian government’s financial burden, some argue that the Canadian government does not the responsibility to support the student with providing free post-secondary education; however, tuition of post- secondary education is such a huge difficulty of finance for students. Post- Secondary education should be free because not everyone can afford the cost of post-secondary education. Moreover, the costs of post-secondary have far outstripped inflation.

For example, The University of British Columbia charges first- year arts students $4,700 for tuition; fees and books bring that up to $7,657. JIBE estimates the total cost of a year’s study for a Canadian resident living off campus but not at home at $18,229. Many other programs charge much more. So many students are forced to start a full-time Job right after high school graduation. (Crawford Killing, 2004) If high education were free, then instead of struggling to pay tuition, students could work toward learning more. Many high school students cannot even consider pursuing a high education because of the high tuition cost.

Another example, in Canada, students often leave university with very significant debts. This will increase not necessary pressure to students. Without free post-secondary education, students consider learning a painful experience. All in all, students’ education is the key to the long-term health and prosperity of Canada. Government should provide free post-secondary education to Canadian. The benefits of its, not only will increase Job opportunities for individuals, lead to the improved overall economic strength of Canada and encourage more and more teenagers to acquire cost-secondary education.

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