Freedom of Speech Essay

Freedom of Speech I believe in freedom of speech. I believe it is a privilege over a right. We, as Americans, should use this freedom as often as we are able. If a situation arises in which you do not agree on, let it be known that you do not agree. You have a voice, use it. We Americans are so privileged to have this right; many countries have made freedom of speech forbidden. Yet, we abuse it by not taking action. Voting is an excellent way to demonstrate using our freedom of speech. I vote because I want my voice heard, no matter how small my opinion might be.

I think it is better to vote and use that privilege because at least then I am standing up for what I believe in. I know that many people might think their vote is so tiny and insignificant compared to all other voters as a whole, making that the reason why many people do not vote. However, if everyone thought that way no one would even bother to vote. Yes, you are one person, but you can still make a difference. So, why not use your voice and be heard? When I vote for a candidate, like in presidential elections, I vote for the one candidate who closely stands up for the things I believe in.

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It’s not about who is in what party, but about what the person stands for. I know that I cannot lead this country, but if I can vote for someone who shares the same moral opinions as I do then I can rest assured. Sometimes I vote simply because I have the privilege. I might be young, and maybe that is the reason why it serves me justice, but I feel a sort of civic duty is fulfilled when I vote. Freedom of speech allows us to have a say in who we think should be lead America next. Electoral colleges might be the ones who have the last say in who should be President, but even then their decision is based on how the majority of a state votes.

Even if you say, ‘I might as well not vote, because in the end the electoral votes are the only ones that matter’ you do not realize how that outcome was even decided. We still have a say in the matter and that is why the electoral decides to go with the majority of the people. I want people to appreciate their right to freedom of speech, to realize that we do have a partial say in many things. I do not want people to be worried about offending someone when they stand up for what they believe in.

For example, if the majority of people vote for a candidate you do not agree with, do not just conform with everyone’s opinion, but instead use your voice and do not be afraid to stand out. At the end of the day, you can at least say you stood up for what you believe in even when your candidate is not victorious. When you decide to not vote and express your beliefs, you have no right to bicker about the outcome. Be appreciative that we have this right when so many others do not. I want people to use this freedom and vote, all it takes is one person to make a difference.


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