Freidrich Nietzsche Essay

Friedrich Nietzsche, a unique philosopher had some very interesting ideas about people’s human values and personality types. In this essay I will explain what I like and dislike about his ?Master Morality? ; his antithesis to this, ?Slave Morality?.

According to Nietzche, all morality is a manifestation of the will to power. The other is driven by the will to power but attempts to deny this.
The term ?master morality? refers to all the values of the psychologically strong willed people. They stress independence, personal dignity, self-approval and the will to succeed. For such people ?good? refers to whatever leads to self-fulfillment with values such as nobility, strength, courage, power and pride.
The antithesis to the master morality is the ?slave morality.? This morality appeals to those who are uncertain of themselves, weak willed. They define ?good? as what makes life easier, safer, with such qualities as patience, humility, charity, modesty and compassion.

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I agree and disagree with Nietzsche. I agree with the will to power. That all individuals are driven by this will. I am living proof. I want to be in charge of my future. I have goals in every aspect of my life that I want to fulfill, everyone does. Without these goals there would be no motivation for life. Artists wouldn’t want to be artists, scientists wouldn’t care about science, and people wouldn’t care about themselves.
I also agree with the master morality’s virtues not the master morality as a perfect being. I think we need these virtues In order to succeed in fulfilling the goals set forth by the will to power. I feel that when a person finds him or herself these master morality virtues are evident.
The slave morality on the otherhand, I think has some virtues and some downfalls as Nietzsche suggests. Patience, modesty, charity and compassion are some of the virtues that Nietszche believes to be ?sour grapes?. I believe in these qualities. The part of the slave moral that I think is sour grapes is people who are not independent, look at others and follow, lack self respect, and people who waist their talents.

I think that the ?master morality? would include qualities from both of Nietzsche’s personality types. It would include such virtues as personal power, strength, courage, pride, independence, patience, kindness, charity and compassion. This to me is a complete person. But this is reality and in reality you can have these virtues and at the same time stray from what you believe in. I think the key to life is to find oneself and to be happy. In today’s society there are to many people who do not know who they are. People tend to follow the group. Dress how everyone else dresses, listen to the same music everyone else listens too and they never explore their own world. This to me is the ?weak or slave.? There is a whole world out there waiting to be found. Art, culture and nature if they only open their eyes to see it. Like Nietzsche’s philosophy states, ? even the weak have the desire for power.? The weak to me look at others thinking that’s the way to get it. The real root to power is within yourself. In finding yourself you need those virtues and when you find yourself they stay with you.
Life is not as cut and dry as Nietzsche suggests. I don’t believe in classifying the human race in to two categories. Life is too complex and the mind is a mysterious thing. Although the qualities and virtues talked about are ideal, I wish it was that simple to apply to a person. I think you have to take in account the persons surroundings, what influences the person has had in their life. Everything plays a role. Unfortunately the environment plays a large part in the development in a person. But I think it’s never to late for a person to change or find him or herself. Life is a journey.
One last thing that Nietzsche’s philosophy states are that the weak were able to convert the strong or master morality race into thinking like them. This took place early in time when Constantine was in power. This seems to contradict Nietzsche’s Master morality. The master morality is supposed mean that the person is very strong minded. This overhaul of thought makes his master morality concept look alittle weak and further supports my point that you can’t classify people into two categories. The mind is a tricky thing.

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