Frog Life Cycle Review

Question Answer
Tadpoles use ___________ to breathe in the water. Gills
A frog is a type of ______________. Amphibian
How do frogs catch their prey? They use their sticky tongue
The second stage of the frog life cycle is a froglet. False (Tadpole)
What happens to the tail of a tadpole after it changes into a froglet and then a frog? The tail slowly disappears
Why do some frogs have brightly colored skin? To warn predators that they are poisonous
List the stages of the frog life cycle in order. Eggs, Tadpole, Tadpole with Legs, Froglet, Adult
Frogs can use their skin as camouflage. True
Frogs can breathe using lungs and their _________. Skin
All frogs are the same color and look the same. False
Frogs lay their eggs in ___________. Water
Why do frog eggs have a jelly-like substance around them? To help protect them
Frogs are reptiles. False (Amphibians)
Frogs like to live in oceans and seas. False (Fresh Water, ponds, lakes)
It takes about _______ days for a tadpole to hatch from an egg. 21
Why does the tadpole have a tail? It needs a tail to help it swim in the water.
___________ breathes with lungs and does not have a tail. Adult Frog
A _____________ hatches from the egg and uses gills to breathe. Tadpole
A _______________ breathes with lungs, has some of it's tail, and has both back and front legs. Froglet
____________ still looks like a tadpole and breathes with gills, but it's back legs are starting to grow. Tadpole with Legs
_____________ are laid in large masses in calm water. Eggs
The first stage of the frog life cycle are the eggs. True
The last stage of the frog life cycle is a froglet. False (Adult)
Female frogs may lay hundreds or even thousands of eggs. True
Adult frogs can spend time in water and on land. True

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