Frutika Essay

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Akij Food and Beverage Limited (AFBL) is one of the main concerns of Akij Group, which is a Bangladeshi industrial conglomerate. Frutika Juice is the juice brand of AFBL, recently introduced juice in the prevalent Bangladesh market. From the lunching of the product Frutika Juice has come up with novelty promotional campaign in order to grab the market share. It also tried to make available the product in the market through their effective distribution channel. However, the price charged by it is relatively higher compared to the competitors.

In our research, we actually want to find out the consumer’s perception about the taste, price, promotion, packaging, availability of Frutika Juice. We cannot neglect the importance of promotion, packaging, availability of any product. In this competitive market, to stay ahead of competitors; it is very important how a marketer actually position his/her product in the target customer’s mind. Therefore, AFBL must give more emphasis on their marketing mixes like promotion, packaging and distribution. 2. BACKGROUND

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The normal complain obtained from all now-a-days is the excessive heat we are facing this season and a cold drink specially a mango, orange or grape juice can make a difference to satisfy consumers’ thirst. In this regard, we have taken our attention to the drinks segment and have chosen Frutika for the research as it’s having increasing share in the market now. Juice has huge market in Bangladesh, but the promotion and packaging of Frutika Juice is quite different from all other companies. Frutika is the brand name of juice of Akij group, which is the parent company of it.

Frutika is available in three different tastes- mango, orange and grape. By promotion we mean that it is a communication process with the public in an attempt to influence them toward buying marketer’s products or services. Promotion involves disseminating information about a product, product line, brand, or company. It is one of the four key aspects of the marketing mix. Again, packaging is the science, art and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging also refers to the process of design, evaluation, and production of packages.

In a simplest, it is the outlook, shape and content of the product. The main competitor of frutika is Frooto which have all the values present in them but it is different for Frutika because of its different tastes. For this reason, they are having booming sales. Again, evaluating a juice’s market share it is very important to judge the perception of consumers about the taste and price of it compared to its competitors. 3. PROBLEM DEFINITION Our problem can be laid out like this: Gathering information to determine whether Frutika Juice’s promotion and packaging is causing its sale to increase.

This basically implies the relationship between the sales of a product vs. the people’s perception of that particular product’s promotion and packaging. 3. 1 OBJECTIVE The topic of our project goes like this, “Consumer’s perception towards Frutika’s promotion, packaging, price and taste”. After conducting the research, we can be sure about this fact whether promotion, packaging, price or taste is the main reason for Frutika’s success and hence can recommend more effort and innovativeness in those fields.

So, our objective of this research is to find data about the consumer perception of the promotion, packaging, price and taste of Frutika from our sample and justify our hypothesis. 4. APPROACH TO THE PROBLEM HYPOTHESIS H1: The sale of Frutika Juice is increasing because of its packaging – shape & outlook. H2: The sale of Frutika Juice is increasing because of its promotion. H3: The sale of Frutika Juice is increasing because of its taste. H4: The sale of Frutika Juice is increasing because of its price. SAMPLE QUESTION How do you perceive the promotion of Frutika? • Does the advertisement influence you to purchase it? • Do you think that only the packaging or outlook make a drink superior than its competitors? • If not, what are the other attributes that make a better positioning of a product or drink? 5. RESEARCH DESIGN SAMPLE In order to get information about how the consumers perceive the promotion, packaging, price and taste of Frutika and find the relationship between sales and those variables, we will need to conduct survey.

And for that, we will depend on the survey questionnaire. To conduct the survey and get the best feedback from there, we will distribute our questionnaire randomly to our target group. Our target group can be described in brief as follows: |Target group | |Age: 15- 25 years | |Occupation: School and University students | |Areas: Dhaka City | ANALYTICAL TOOL

We will use different testing technique to test our hypothesis. For this we will use different statistical tools like: SPSS LIMITATION In the course of conducting the research, there will be some limitations as well. Sometimes we may find that the respondents are careless while responding and uneager to respond to the questions of the questionnaire. Sometimes there will be lack of cooperation. However the most important issues are the time constrain and inadequate information in their official website. 6. DATA COLLECTION METHOD

In the course of work to be done in our project, data will be collected in the following way: Primary data • Face to face conversation • Survey questionnaire Secondary data: • Official website of AKIJ GROUP • Web browsing • Textbook and other relevant books • Newspaper 7. DATA ANALYSIS In accordance to our accumulated data, we shall generate different models such as pie charts, column/bar charts and so on and try to arrive at some solution that will be matched against our hypothesis. We shall also use our theoretical knowledge and compare it with our real life experience.

We shall also take help of the SPSS program to analyze our hypothesis. In response to the analysis process some independent variables that have impact on the particular dependant variable (sales). Dependent Variable: Sales Independent Variables: Promotion, Packaging, Price and Taste Mediating Variable: Desire to fulfill thirst Moderating Variable: Age, Gender, Income Level Graphical Presentation of the relationship among independent, dependent, mediating and moderating variables 8. SCHEDULE We expect to complete our survey within a month.

After March 21, we will start to work on drafting out our papers. We expect to submit our final report on the first week of April. We will show the survey analysis and the finish work of our project from time to time. We would do a final presentation on the basis of the report. |Activity | Time | | |Start |Finish | |a. Data collection | 23rd Mar | 29th Mar | |b.

Data analysis | 29th Mar |4th April  | |c. Draft of final report | 5th April |8th April  | |d. Submission of final research paper |  | 10th April | 9. APPENDICES • Independent Sample T –test • One way ANOVA • Cross Tabulation: Chi- square Test • Correlations • Regression Analysis • Survey Form ———————– Mediating Variable: Desire to fulfill thirst Promotion Packaging Taste Price Sales Moderating Variable: Age, Gender, Income Level


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