Fuguland Essay

The people of fugawiland are composed of at least two different cultures. They are characterized by the type of pottery that they used and the shape of their houses. The eastern culture used the banded pottery and constructed the square huts. They also utilized the resources of chert. The reason is the location of the chert. The western culture used the zig zag pottery and constructed round huts. They were all hunters and gatherers utilizing the time seasons and game for that time. White tail deer was hunted in the fall season.

The rabbit had the largest season which started in the summer and extended to the early winter. The lake trout was plentiful during the spring and fall season, while fresh water mussles were only available in the spring. Acorns, were available in the fall. There were four principle groups of sites used by the people. The groups were the shore sites, river sights, mountain areas, and the plains. The shore groups had light huts. The river sites used heavy huts. The mountain sites were used only for a short period of time due to the weather conditions.

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The plains were the holy burial grounds during the warmer months the tribes would bury their dead that had collected over the freezing months. Trading existed among the tribes in a very small amount. A small amount of chert was found in the copper side burial grounds while a small amount of copper was found among the burial of the people with the chert. Chert and Copper were a means of trade and possible used for weapons. However it seems that only chert and copper was traded across the boundary of culture.

The houses did not change and neither did the pottery. Fugawiland huts contained approximately five people. The artifacts highest concentration was around the hearths. These people were hunters and gathers. The women were the homemakers, the cookers and cleaners, while the men were the hunters. The community worked together as a whole and survived as a tribe. Most of the people come from the southern river valleys and migrated up to the North for the fish. These people had a very successful lifestyle for many years.


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