Full Metal Jacket Analysis Essay

Full Metal Jacket Analysis/Summary During the first part of the film, it was the training of the drafted soldiers. I did not have any idea how brainwashed a soldier got after training. In the movie, Sergeant Hartman was very rude and insulted the soldiers most of the time, if not all the time. He would give mean nicknames to all soldiers, making fun of them. Nobody dared to talk back to him or answer him in any other manner than what he ordered. The soldiers got pushed to their limit, perfecting every movement, and always trying to be the best.

The crazy soldier, Pyle, was the only one that struggled and could not seem o get the grip of the training like all the other soldiers. When Sergeant Hartman found the donut that Pyle had hid, he punished all the other soldiers for what he did and made Pyle eat the donut while the soldiers did pushups. Later on, the soldiers got revenge and attacked Pyle during the night. I began to feel really bad for Pyle by that point. Not only could Pyle not succeed throughout his training, he was also getting punished by his fellow companions and the sergeant.

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However, at the end of the first part of the film, Pyle goes crazy, kills the sergeant, and commits suicide. The second part of the film was all about the combat and the war itself in Vietnam. It begins with the Tet Offensive and how the Americans were taken by surprise. Joker, who is in the press squadron, goes to Hue with his partner to take video. The soldiers that are there during combat are very dirty and have a lot of inside Jokes. It looks as if they have been drugged out and are Just trying to make the war worth fighting for. The film also gives a glimpse of Vietnamese women. They are portrayed as almost useless, dirty, and poor.

An example is when a Vietnamese prostitute goes up to ome soldiers and tries to offer herself to them. However, we do see another side of Vietnamese women. Almost to the end of the film, Joker and the squad he is with, gets attacked by a hidden sniper. The sniper kills a lot of the soldiers in the squad, but is eventually caught by Joker. He realizes that the sniper is a girl, and cannot seem to kill her. His partner eventually shoots her for him. Overall, I really liked how the movie was separated into two parts: draft and combat. It was interesting to see how the soldiers were taught to fight.

They barely had any time to think. All they had time for was to train how to kill. The second part was proof of how horrible the conditions were during the war. The soldiers always had to be careful for any booby traps or explosives when they are walking. At the end, I thought that the movie did a really nice Job in showing that the soldiers still had values and a sense of morality. Joker could not bring himself to kill the girl because he felt it was not right. Full Metal Jacket really stays true and gives you an overall view of what occurred during the Vietnam War. Full Metal Jacket Analysis By mmontes09


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