Function Of Management And Decision Making Process Essay

Planning is the procedure of specifying the organisation ‘s ends, set uping an overall scheme for accomplishing these ends, and developing a comprehensive set of programs to incorporate and organize organisational work. In Askari bank Ltd ends and schemes made by top direction with provided great and friendly on the job environment. Lower degree direction is responsible for achieve the ends and nonsubjective set by top direction

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Function Of Management And Decision Making Process Essay
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Decision doing process involves upper degree direction and lower degree directors or subsidiaries are non involved in determination devising procedure. The determination doing process involves placing a job, bring forthing solutions and choosing the best solution to work out the job so sometimes this makes the determination doing process slow. Askari Bank Ltd largely focuses on the squad Building and squad determination devising.

Organizations current schemes

Askari bank current scheme is to:

Maintain growing

Continue to construct the subdivision web

Invest in engineering

Focus on service quality

Improve staff preparation

Increase client trueness


Forming is the procedure of making an organisation ‘s construction. In the Askari Bank Ltd upper degree direction is forming and making construction for bank and their subdivisions in whole over Pakistan

Organizational design

Organizational design is the procedure of developing or altering an organisation ‘s construction. It involves determinations about following six cardinal elements: in Askari bank Ltd board of govern and most top direction make organisational construction design and do really good and environment friendly constabularies that help each and every employee in the Askari bank Ltd


Dividing an organisation into different parts harmonizing to the maps is called departmentalization.

Askari Bank top direction has mad different sections that perform different maps

Cash section

Credit section

Operationss section

Selling section

Customer Service section

Information Technology section

Research & A ; Development section

Human Resource section

Establishment section

Particular plus direction Department

International division Department

Branch degree Department




Banking processs are divided between assorted sections at subdivision degree. Different sections do their occupations in happening with the bank policies. In ACBL each subdivision is divided into assorted sections. Head of section manages each section & A ; functionaries of the subdivision follow processs. The sections working within a subdivision are as:


Account gap section

Remittances section

Cash section

Clearing section


Online banking




Import section

Export section

Foreign currency section



Span of control

Span of control is the figure of subsidiaries who report straight to a specific director.

The span of control of Askari Bank Ltd divided in three phases. In bank there are few span of direction like there is branch director, helper director and operations director and few subsidiaries are working under them. And branch trough and operation director study to the Area and than Area study to the part

And some metropolis there was a sub subdivision that will describe their chief subdivision

Chain of bid ( organisational hierarch Chart )

Branch Hierarchy Chart:


Centralization is the extent to which power and authorization are retained at the top organizational degrees.

Askari Bank Ltd is a centralised organisation and all the power and authorization is at the top organizational degrees.


Formalization is the grade to which written policies, regulations, processs, occupation descriptions, and other paperss stipulate what actions are or are non to be taken under a given set of fortunes.

Askari Bank Ltd has its ain Standard Operating Procedures ( SOPs ) which are followed by all the employees. And some of the regulations and process follow by that made by the province bank of Pakistan. The regulations and bring forth made by the province bank of Pakistan is necessary to follow by all banking sector that operate in Pakistan land.

Work specialisation

Work specialisation is the grade to which the work necessary to accomplish organisational ends is broken down into assorted occupations.

The Askari Bank Ltd divided work into assorted occupations so that they can accomplish organisational ends like there is an Operations section which is further divided into assorted occupations like client services, remittal etc. but in little subdivisions of Bank the employees are overburdened and they are making work which is non relevant to their occupation.

Pull offing alteration and invention

Askari Bank Ltd has a section of Product Development and client information file care. The basic map of this section put ining a new system is the one thing but optimal use is another. This committedness doggedness and above all adaptability at all degrees to profit organize the latest tools therefore guaranting that our client would experience the different by utilizing our comprehensive scope of merchandise and service to run into their concern and personal demand. This will enable us to manus larger concern volumes, Greater market credibleness and legion synergisms across assorted client alone client information file without lasing competitory border.

Pull offing changing is the manner frontward to to the full capitalise upon this great chance Askari bank attempt to accommodating new system, processs and processes holds the cardinal towards accomplishing coveted consequences. Know mange alteration through to maximise the benefits and minimise possible volatility. And seek to go a market leader to first presenting new manner of making concern and managing engineerings. This that first present I.NET in banking sector in Pakistan

Pull offing IT and communicating

Askari bank Ltd has a separate section for pull offing IT and communicating which is Information Technology section and its chief aim is to guarantee that Askari Bank remains au courant of latest developments in engineering and enable IT to be more customer-focused and customer-friendly.

In add-on to the execution of the new nucleus banking system a few enterprises undertaken by the Bank include:

I.T Security


Quality Assurance

Hot Disaster Recovery ( DR ) Site

In subdivision degree it section ahs public presentation following occupation

I.T Security


Quality Assurance

Hot Disaster Recovery ( DR ) Site

ATM operation passing through waiter up lading All ATM dealing

Run Time mistake Solving and debugging networking job

Passing dealing


Leading is the procedure of act uponing others toward the accomplishment of organisational ends and deciding struggle. In Askari Bank Ltd there have manner to act upon on the their ain employee through inter subdivision director and operation trough, through Area and through part

Leadership manner

In Askari Bank Ltd the leading manner is important as all the authorization is at top degrees and they want the subsidiaries to make their work as they are directed or asked to make.

Power & A ; political relations

In Askari Bank Ltd all the power is at the top degree even the subdivision director has limited power. Politicss is non portion of the bank because the employees are basking working in an bank.


Motivation is the set of forces that cause people to act in a certain manner.

Motivation at Askari Bank Ltd is up to the grade. There is system of intrinsic every bit good as extrinsic wagess in signifier of as listed below:

Best Performance Certificates

Bank gives its employees certifications for their good public presentation. In branch degree every twelvemonth it declares a star performing artist of the twelvemonth. Star performing artist is the employees who has really good evaluation through out the twelvemonth and accomplish his mark and do no miss return in his work

Performance Based Promotions and Increases

At Bank, the increases and publicities are strictly public presentation based because they believe that employee ‘s difficult work & A ; attempts are to be appreciated and rewarded to maintain him motivated. Although, an mean employee ‘s publicity rhythm of 3 old ages but early publicities are awarded to persons who are exceeding performing artists and have the potency to keep an even higher station. Bank gives one-year fillip to these employees.

Training Programs for Fresher and Other Staff

There is a preparation section working under the Askari bank Ltd Human Resources Division who organizes different preparation plans at different degrees in every twelvemonth. And learn about the new engineerings and how to cover with complex job in working Askari Human Resource Department, continue as betterment in employee satisfaction and motive is an on-going procedure.

In the first stage, all human resource policies were reviewed and revised to achieve alliance of compensation and benefits with the market. After denoting the first bed of revised organisation construction which included restructuring of certain divisions/units for better concern and operational efficiency, the procedure was cascaded to all groups / divisions / units during the twelvemonth under reappraisal. An exercising to place alone occupations has been completed and occupation description paperss have been developed. On the one manus this will guarantee effectual arrangement of staff, standardisation and rightsizing, and on the other, it will enable employee end puting which is the primary necessity for an effectual public presentation direction system. A comprehensive public presentation direction system based on good defined ends and duties has been implemented across the Bank. Traveling frontward, compensation and benefits will be based wholly on employee public presentation.

Besides, employees ‘ professional development remains one of the cardinal elements of Askari Bank Ltd human resource scheme. To maintain abreast with technological development and other promotion, human capital enrichment through extended in-house and external preparation is indispensable. During the twelvemonth, assorted developing plans were conducted for Bank employees through in-house preparation academies in Rawalpindi,

Lahore and Karachi, and external preparation ease both local and international. We remain committed to supply ample chances for in-house and external preparations that will enable our employees to better their accomplishments and professional competency.

Annually preparation and Workshops

Bank encourages and patrons its members to take portion in different preparation plan and workshops organized at domestic or international degrees with the coaction of assorted institutions/organization along with inter organisational preparations.

Low Interest rate Loan

Askari Bank gives its employees the chance to jurisprudence involvement rat loans for buying auto and house.

Medical Facility for staff member and their dependance

Bank offers a certain per centum on basic wage as Monthly Medical Allowance. Askari bank provides full medical coverage of staff and its household on instance to instance footing.


Controling is the procedure of modulating organisational activities so that existent public presentation conforms to expected organisational criterions and ends.

Controling Approach

Askari bank used three commanding attack

Inner subdivision that is held by director and operation trough

Internal Audit that is held by audit commission of Askari bank

External Audit that held by audit commission of province bank of Pakistan

Controling Standards

Standard Operating Procedures of bank and criterions lay down by State bank of Pakistan and the Askari Securities Limited ( ASL )

Controling of operations

A Service Quality construction has been implemented throughout the Bank with dedicated staff assigned at every subdivision, supervising the operational map of each subdivision and operations section is besides responsible for guaranting that all operations are performed harmonizing to the Service Level Agreements ( SLA ).

Controling of public presentation

Internal Service Measures ( have been put into topographic point, through which the public presentation of assorted maps is evaluated. Mystery Shopping is carried out nationally to analyse employee public presentation, dealing turnaround clip and overall perceptual experience of the Bank experience.

Askari bank Ltd used public presentation assessment procedure to step of employee public presentation. The manner in which Askari bank conducts public presentation assessment is following.


The procedure of public presentation assessment is carried out in different measure. These stairss are more or less the same in all organisations. The undermentioned theoretical account gives an out expression to the public presentation assessment procedure followed by Askari Bank.

Review Legal Requirements

Conduct Job analysis

Develop Appraisal Instrument

Choice Perceivers

Train Perceivers

Measure Performance

Give Employee Results

Establish Performance Goal

Praise/Reward Performance

Reviewing Legal Requirements:

Before transporting out any public presentation assessment system the first measure is to take into consideration that what are the legal demands. First the organisation sees that what public presentations have to be appraised and unto what extent and it is after reexamining the Torahs the organisation is ready to carry on occupation analysis.


The methods used for assessment of the employees are categorized into two wide classs. First is the “ Comparative methods ” and 2nd is the “ Absolute criterion methods ”.

The comparative method includes. Ranking, forced distribution, paired distribution critical incident method and try attack. And the absolute criterion method includes evaluation graduated tables which is further divided into in writing and non-graphic graduated tables, MBO ( direction by aim ) and eventually the combination methods.

Appraisal Methods Followed By Askari Bank

Askari Bank is a local bank which is seeking to better its blessing procedure and method used by them. But at this point there are really few methods used for the assessment of the employees.

Basically they use critical incident method for the assessment of the in-between degree directors.

Methods / Techniques of Performance Evaluation

There are four methods of public presentation rating.

1. Rating Scale

In this method you have to give the rate to single public presentation on the scale footing, this method is precise and simple as compared to other methods.

2. Check List

The rater has to choose merely that statement which best described the public presentation and single. In order to mensurate the public presentation, we can delegate the weight to it will go leaden cheque list, it will assist to look into the public presentation and this practical is standard.

3. Forced Choice

It is a method of set pick. In this method you have to develop a set of employees and give them the Numberss on rater ‘s ain observation.

4. Critical Incidence Technique

In this method the rater has keep in history positive and negative behaviours in sequence, these are called incident critical techniques. At the terminal of twelvemonth in negative study in written about single public presentation based on study and this study aid to supply positive feedback by employees.

Controling of information / cognition

In order to safeguard the Bank ‘s and its clients ‘ information, the highest degree of I.T security has been deployed in assorted signifiers like: package and hardware firewalls are used and one-year web incursion testing is conducted to keep any unwanted and harmful elements from come ining the Bank ‘s web. Bank controls its information and cognition by acquiring signed missive of set abouting from its employees as they join and in bank usage of USB is non allowed and internet entree is non available to all employees so that no information / cognition could be shared


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