Future of Newspaper Essay

As a new generation is created the use for newspapers and other printed news sources are becoming less and less needed. The “digital” generation instead turns to internet sources and the television to hear the news. So what are newspaper organizations supposed to do to catch the people of the new generations eye? Because not as many people are buying the newspaper, circulation is declining and advertisement companies are failing to make a significant income. Newspaper companies know that in the future the daily newspaper model would not be the main source of news education and are taking steps to “keep up” with the new generation.

Being a child of this generation I can relate to exactly what Mr. George is talking about. Why should the public have to wait around the read about yesterdays news? The internet is making it so easy (and faster) to read about the news. When something happens, almost simultaneously it will be written about on the internet. Obviously, the internet is a much faster and more efficient way to learn about the news. For the upcoming years the newspapers will still be used, but I feel in a century or so, the newspaper would be “old news. ” But, I don’t think that this means newspaper companies will have to stop making a profit.

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Future of Newspaper Essay
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As of today, mostly all newspaper companies offer an online service for free. If all the companies where to band together and all come up with a common charge or how much they would cost for someone to subscribe to the internet page the companies would still be able to make a profit. This plan is not bullet proof, but if companies want to have an income in years to come I think that it is the most logic place to start. Two Questions: 1. ) In the future, what do you think companies should do in order to make an income? 2. ) Do you think its important that the “digital generation” is motivated to read the newspaper?


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