G20 Essay

All citizens of Canada have freedom and are entitled to rights. Canadian citizens can fight for their rights as long as they do it peacefully because violence is not necessary in a protest. Protests are held to express your concern. Canada has one of the greatest law enforcements. The police in our Country/city try to maintain the peace giving 100% to keep our country/city safe and peaceful. These police officers have the rights to protect citizens by any means necessary. If the protests get out of hand there are police officers to maintain the peace.

Secondly, there are police officers to prevent people from vandalizing. Finally, there are police officers to protect people even if they are abused. Police officers have the rights to protect citizens by any means necessary because they care about our safety. “More than 400 people were arrested as violence broke out after thousands of anti-G20 protesters marched through downtown Toronto on Saturday prompting police to use tear gas in the city for the first time ever. ”[Pg. 1] Police officers care about the people’s safety because they are trained to serve and protect the country.

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Without police officers the country will be overcome with crime and chaos. Police officers are the reason why there is peace and freedom in our country. The G20 protesters caused a riot and nearly destroyed downtown, Toronto. More than 400 people were arrested which showed there were a lot of illegal activities going on. The officers made many arrests so that the people causing chaos don’t affect the peaceful protesters. Many illegal activities prompted the police officers to use tear gas in the city for the first time ever.

Tear gas was used to settle the protesters down so it was safer. “There were some, tense moments, “said CBC reporter Steven D’souza. More than a dozen police on horseback were also on the scene”. [Pg. 4] Many illegal activities were going on and police officers were all over the place for people’s safety. More than a dozen were on horse backs, to show people they are there for their safety. “On the eve of the big summit, G20 protesters are complaining bitterly about all the security- the helicopters, the water cannons, the ugly fence, and the countless cops.

What they fail to acknowledge is that most of it would be wholly unnecessary if they simply agreed to renounce violence, something they consistently refuse to do. ” [Pg. 7] G20 protesters do not realize why so many law enforcements were used. If there were no illegal activities and chaos occurring they would have not used this much force. Without police officers the G20 would have been a total mess with cars being torched and buildings damaged. The police officers were there for the citizen’s safety and many law enforcements were used to keep the public safe.

Vandalism is unnecessary in any sort of protest. The G20 had many people vandalizing public properties, such as stores restaurants and cars. The police officer protected the citizens by any means necessary. “Four police vehicles were set ablaze, stores and bank windows were smashed and much of the area was put under security lock down. The integrated security unit said 412 people were arrested. ” [Pg. 1] Vandalism is unnecessary in a protest because vandalism only causes more problems to solve. The G20 is like any other protest, a group of people expressing their concern out with boards and signs.

The G20 had many officers, to protect everybody, but there were also many people that were vandalizing cars, stores, and banks. Vandalism encourages and increases the amount of law enforcements because the police officers cannot control the protesters without more backup. “Earlier, the black-clad protesters smashed up a police cruiser and smashed its windshield along Queen Street, as other demonstrator’s huried bottles and sticks at a solid line of riot police”. [Pg. 9] The protesting group “Black-Clad” smashed a police cruiser and vandalized the car.

There were also other groups that vandalized. There were also many peaceful protesters that did not vandalize and were there to express their cause. Vandalism was unnecessary for the G20 protesters because it causes conflicts. “As police donned gas masks and mounted units rode into the city’s core on horses, the violent protesters let garbage on fire and flipped over recycling containers. They also smashed vehicles in and grabbed stones from nearby homes”. [Pg. 9] G20 protesters found ways to exceed the given boundaries to get what they want by causing chaos.

If police cruisers were not enough, the protesters moved to garbage cans and recycling bins to set on fire. The protesters are only vandalizing there city of Toronto, where they live. Many of the G20 protesters abused the police officers, but the police officers did their job and protected the citizens. “Moments later, another standoff occurred a few blocks west, where protesters reportedly tossed sticks at police and chanted “let us go. ” [Pg. 9] The police officers did their job effectively, which was to protect the citizens by any means necessary.

But the protesters never did what they were supposed to. This was to peacefully protest without causing chaos. The officer’s were abused as sticks and rocks were thrown at them. But the police officers did their job by protecting all the citizens even after they were abused. “Heavily armed riot police are attempting to clear crowds out of downtown Tor onto, several hours after “Black-Clad” vandals through the city in protest of the G20 summit. ”[Pg. 8] The “Black-Clad” protesting group caused chaos. The riot police officers wanted to clear out the area so there would be less chaos.

The crowd was not cooperating with the riot police when they tried to clear out the G20 summit protesters. “Police repeatedly moved toward groups of demonstrators to move them back. At one point, many protesters were arrested. ”[Pg. 1] Police officers tried moving the group’s back to keep the place clear and fewer riots. At one point the protesters were arrested because they abused the police officers and did not cooperate with the police officers request. Police officers have the rights to protect citizens by any means necessary because of citizen’s safety, vandalism and abusing police.

Citizen’s safety is important to officers because there duty is to keep all citizens safe and not cause a riot. Officers made arrest for the people that caused vandalism because breaking public property and torching vehicles only cause a riot. When a riot is caused there’s going to be more forces involved and the officers need to protect private properties and innocent citizens. Protesters abusing police officers is not going to stop them from protecting them because police officers will protect citizens good or bad no matter how much they get abused.


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