Garden State Equality vs. Dow Essay

Garden State Equality vs. Dow A challenging dispute of minds As the case of Garden State Equality vs. Dow unravels into the Supreme Court hearings, there will be an indefinite vvariety of opinions and disputes of minds. There is room for controversy and disputes will arise. There are miss-interpretations and quotes that government officials and citizens against civil union rights have expressed and demonstrated about same-sex couples and their right to marry. This is an example of an interpretation given to describe differences in marital elationships by one of the Opinions of the Justices to the Senate, 440 Mass. t 1207, it states, “The dissimilitude between the terms “civil mmarriage” and “civil union” is not innocuous; it is a considered choice of language that reflects a demonstrable assigning of same-sex, largely homosexual, couples to second-class status. ” Although it may seem that the federal laws have acknowledged and enacted the law that would give equal rights to every citizen, who in fact, shares an interest in having a mmarriage legitimized, has only shown that recognition is vague and is still insufficient n its standing. There is still skepticism from opinions that range in a form of discrimination because neglect is present.

Their demand to be able to enjoy the benefits and recognition of being married are irrelevant showing an effect on the family as a whole. Because it is so controversial it gives way to confusion in establishing the fact, that it is indeed a mmarriage that same-sex couples share with one another. In my opinion they have put same-sex couples as second class status and deemed there is little room to recognize their form of long term relationship. Same-sex couples have been denied the benefits that heterosexual couples are given.

The mode of acceptance in society has not improved, even though there are indications that this change in opinion, will prove to be beneficial for all society today. Repetition of inequality of rights through past history has shown its devastations of cruelty on society or have we forgotten this occurrence? I feel that the law has to be more flexible in adapting to the changing times that we face today. As technology increases, it changes the way society has implemented the law, there should be xpansive ways to approach the difference of opinion and way of lifestyle to accommodate every citizen to have equal rights and freedom of choice.

We will need to move forward and face the many challenges that are present in these changing times, in doing so we also have to demand that the law adjusts to the ever changing viewpoints and situations that are present and ones that will surface in the future. As citizens we have a responsibility to the victims who are treated unfairly and cannot achieve the pursuit of happiness promised by our forefathers and the Constitution of the United States of America.

I say keep up the fight and never give up, until it is attainable. We simply need great leaders to represent the needs afflicting each individual, who is not given their right to be equal or have freedom of choice. Success is only achieved by finding the mearns of understanding and great approach will serve as a tool to find a solution that will be accepted and implemented in our daily lives to give every citizen the freedom to live in a society that is free of preJu01ce Trom lnJustlce. Written by: Ms. Graciela Montoya

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