Gender and Co-education Essay

Nowadays, parents are concerned about their children education. So, they will send their children to school in order for them to compete with other children through academic study. Recently, authorities of education have a plan to abolish co- education In favor of single-sex school. However, this Is not the best choice to be In this decision. Strongly disagree that co-education should not be abolish because co- education Is the most natural form of education.

First and foremost, co education school lead to improved social development between girls and boys. Pupils have gain self confidence in school through communication with people. Beside that. Pupils have the well balanced with the better equipped to make new friends that their counterparts In single sex schools. Studies show that friendships develop in a very natural way in co-deed schools and they will be able to know each other better.

This happens because there are many activities, societies, and clubs in the school which arils and boys take part in a pleasant environment. In addition, they have wide range of subject In co-deed schools which will be benefit to pupils. Pupils have the freedom to choosing subjects. For instance, girls and boy will choose subject which are seldom available in single sex school. Pupils can develop greater potential on particular subject. Pupils can enhance knowledge of these subjects and can develop of their critical skill. N the other hand, students can enhancing their competence and inference on these subject that broadens the range of career in future. Besides this, co education schools are successful on challenging sexist attitude. Teachers Impart sex knowledge to girls and boy appropriately, so that they will not be misconceptions of opposite sex. Many co-education schools allow for considerable discussion or debate in the class. On the other hand, studies show that co-education have less traditional sex role attitude.

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Gender and Co-education Essay
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