Gender and Family Essay

Gender and Family Izzy Axia College of University of Phoenix There are many factors involved when trying to research patterns of delinquency between males and females. Males are more likely to be more aggressive and form no attachments to others. Boys from an early onset are taught to be strong and independent, as for girls they are taught to loving and princess like. Boys as they start getting older become more aggressive and more likely to retaliate in a bad situation (Wadsworth, 2005).

Girls as they mature start becoming more relational and more likely to ignore those they do not like. Girls also tend be watched closer at early ages and kept emotionally under controlled. Many Girls who commit crimes tend to so in sexual related crimes linked to the way they feel about there self worth. Though many crimes are sexually linked women in today’s society are committing as horrific crimes as males. Overall women are taught to be less aggressive and usually blame themselves in most situations.

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While males are taught to be aggressive and learn to release the anger. Most women tend to internalize blame so they have lower self esteem about themselves and males tend to have higher self esteem (Wadsworth, 2005). There are other factors that contribute to delinquency besides gender differences and it starts right in the home. The makeup and function of family life greatly impact the behavior of children growing up. Unfortunately in today’s society many homes are made up of step families. The growing rate of divorce and family makeup has a huge impact on children.

The fact that a home can be broken with only one parent, or even blended with a step parent and step siblings can affect delinquency (Wadsworth, 2005). Family neglect and abuse can lead children to become more aggressive and more likely to be susceptible to future crimes. There are many homes where children also grow up un-supervised or un-discipline that lead children to trouble. Due to todays high rate of divorce and single parent homes many parents to not have adequate time to spend with their children.

The children with too much time on their hands will experiment and learn that their behaviors are acceptable. Social class in another disadvantage children grow up with that can affect their delinquencies. Some children are handed a silver spoon with every opportunity in life while others are thrown a curve ball leading them to lash out for attention. I do believe in many instance women are treated unfairly in the juvenile justice system. For starters many of the institutions these females are being placed at are far from home and hard for family members to visit them.

Females programs provide far less rehabilitation for their delinquent behavior that tend to focus more on their traditional female role, which is questionable. Many of the young ladies in these programs also face a un-justice in some of the reported abuse they take from their guards. Many young ladies are treated less than men in these facilities and reports of rape are known to happen. Many of the programs due to been smaller of those of men do not have the appropriate funding to provide resources.

Part of the resources also includes inadequate training to the staff members in these programs, which lead to mis-handling of those in custody. On the other hand, I do believe women to benefit in been placed in private institution or homes of that of their counterpart. Females have more of an opportunity to be placed in a community based programs than males do. Overall the difference between males and females in today’s world is less a part than the past. The crimes been committed today by both gender are closer than ever and one can not disregard a crime due to gender.

Crime rates in women are increasing at faster rates than men. More girls are showing sings of aggression and now more than ever involved in gangs. Today the role of males and females are no longer bread winners and home keepers. I believe it is evident now more than ever males and females share many of the same burdens in life, which in turn I believe contribute to the factors that can lead to crime. . Reference: Wadsworth. (2005). Juvenile Delinquency. Retrieved June 14, 2009, from Wadsworth, Week Three, CJS240 Wadsworth. (2005). Juvenile Delinquency. Retrieved June 14, 2009, from Wadsworth, Week Five, CJS240


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