Gender Inequality Essay

Gender Inequality The world that we live in today easily is argued as being a better place for woman socially as well as in the labor force. Though it is easy to view the advancement of women in the work force at face value and understand it as progress, the idea of women still being view as subordinate, even in the 21st century, remains as part of our social ideology.

In order to begin to remedy this truth we have to admit that this notion of women being viewed as ‘less valuable’ still remains; though many do not elieve it to be true that women are subordinate to men by bypassing the fact that this dated ideology about women’s status dictate how they are treated as members of the work force still remains in turn creates results that continue to belittle the work that women produce. The previous statement was not intended to victimize women due to the present circumstances because the factors that are in play are numerous and not entirely one-sided.

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Gender Inequality Essay
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The intent of this essay is to discuss a few of the many pertinent obstacles that women face as members of the present work force and their ausation. The primary and early manifesting obstacle that women face is the negative social stigma that coincides with female successes. In a presentation by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, she states, “we have to tell ourselves that we need to sit at the table, and that we have got the ‘A. Her statement is in reference to certain anecdotes of her presentation that deal with the idea of women and girls being brought up with a sense of self doubt that keeps them from succeeding. As a society we put more ressure boys to succeed than girls making it easier and even normal for women to drop out of the work force. Women that hold more successful and powerful careers are typically viewed with negative attributes and less attractive. This issue needs to be addressed at the elementary level literally.

Within schools young girls should be encouraged Just as often as boys are to participate in activities and they should be spoken to in the same tone of voice. Girls should be treated socially the same as boys to instill the same negative and positive associations with their actions. As girls develop in to women they will be better equipped to endure the social pressures of the work force persevere with out second guessing their own success. “Women are less likely to negotiate for pay raises. ” (Peterkin, C. ) As Sandberg said, miou need to sit at the table! Women need to become more assertive when negotiating starting salaries and pay raises. This is not meant to infer that women need to be more like men because they lack the work ethic of a man but instead to be more like a boy that is not concerned with the repercussions of speaking out of turn. The women of today are much more progressive than those of past generations however I feel that a large percentage of women do not even take the chance to better themselves because of their own inhibitions, inhibitions that are rooted in early child development. foung women, consequently, are left in a bind: they worry they’ll never be taken as seriously as the guys, yet when they’re given the opportunity to run the show, they balk. ” (Bennett, J. ) It is unfortunate that women of today have to same as a man performing the same task. Women should not feel reluctant to accept he aid from programs such as affirmative action. Affirmative action programs are designed to rectify past wrongs. (Page, Greenberg 122) Laws and bills such as these are a reaction to a problem showing an obvious recognition of mistreatment to women and racial minorities.

A law in itself is not the complete remedy it may not be a remedy at all but instead a catalyst into a new social paradigm. The inequality in pay between men and women in the work force is not at all a suggestion of work out put or dedication. Christianne M. Corbett’s report, a senior esearcher at the AAIJW, shows that college major is an important factor in graduates’ earnings however for example, women who majored in business earned about $38,000, while their male counterparts earned about $45,000, one year out.

Making all salaries public domain could be a solution that could inform naive women about their own lack of compensation for their equal work however I do not feel that would be a complete remedy for the issue because the issue stems from a much deeper place. Even in fields of work such as public teaching, which is female ominated (Corbett), where salaries are public domain females tend to make less than men.

Typically females take teaching positions that fall within in the lower grade levels, which receive a lower salary, and much of the time they are hired for the position because of the young age of the students and the natural nurturing qualities of women. There are obvious factors of discrimination in that line of work, which could be argued positive or negative however the point to that was to show that having knowledge of your colleagues salary is not enough of an incentive to push any women to negotiate for higher pay or even pursue higher paid Jobs.

The problem lies within the social perception of a successful woman. Powerful, successful, and driven are not always seen as attractive or endearing qualities and girls are raised on the ideology of pursuing the later status. Women have been treated and continue to be treated as subordinate to men in the work force because of social constructs about what qualities a women should have as well as the fear that many have of enduring the negative stigma that usually oincides with being at the forefront of social change.

That is exactly what we need to become a society that is equal, social change. Regardless of race, gender, height, weight, or whatever other meaningless label you want to place upon someone it should not interfere with how the result of that persons work are viewed. If a person can perform the task and do it well they should be paid appropriately based strictly on their performance. The change that is needed is in culminating a new social ideology and women need to continue to fght and sit at their place at the table.


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