Generating Ideas For Social Enterprise Essay

This chapter is included for those of you who do non hold solid concern thoughts and is non critical to the usage of the societal endeavor design and hence as with Chapter One it can be skipped. However I believe that all concerns can profit from making multiple gross watercourses, while societal concerns can hold greater impact by turn toing a figure of societal jobs. On that footing the chapter may be worth a ephemeral involvement.

Anyone can get down a societal endeavor. You do non necessitate any specialized cognition or makings. You do non even need an thought. A individual who starts a societal endeavor could justifiably name themselves a societal enterpriser. Again you do non necessitate any specialized cognition or makings. Unlike the professions you do non necessitate old ages of survey before you can claim the rubric. As Rene Descartes stated ‘I believe, hence I am ‘ so it is with going a societal enterpriser. Once you think you are one, so you are. Hopefully by this sentence you are one – one being a societal enterpriser. Now you are a societal enterpriser you need two things, an thought and a program.

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Generating Ideas For Social Enterprise Essay
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The thought relates to the societal endeavor you want to run. A good thought for a societal endeavor will hold two constituents, viz. a societal constituent and an endeavor constituent – good I ne’er said that this was hard -and it does n’t count which comes foremost.

Traditionally the thought for a societal endeavor has arisen by a individual, or group of people, desiring to turn to a societal job within their community. This might be unemployment, hapless wellness, homelessness, substance maltreatment or offense. Sadly this is ever easy because most communities have societal jobs. The challenge so of class is to make income bring forthing activities to pay for the resources needed to turn to the societal job.

For illustration a societal endeavor looking to turn to the job of unemployment might secure with a local educational establishment, like a college or university, to present preparation aimed at doing people more employable.

The current attack to the development of societal endeavor is to concentrate on the commercial activity and to utilize the income generated to pay for activities which address the societal demand. An illustration might be to open a Pie & A ; Mash Fast nutrient franchise and utilize the net incomes to present employability preparation, Work Clubs and Enterprise Clubs which supports unemployed people into work.

Your Undertaking now is to bring forth an thought for a societal endeavor. If you already have one so turn to chapter 3 if non so I will offer a few suggestions which might assist.

Clearly as a societal enterpriser this is critical. This might be the activity that takes the longest clip in the whole procedure. It is deserving indicating out that endeavor, and peculiarly societal endeavor, is ever a group activity. Businesss frequently have a magnetic leader, the enterpriser, but no enterpriser has of all time built a successful concern on their ain. If you do hold people around you at this early phase so of class it might be utile to discourse possible thoughts with them.

By and large thoughts for concern, including societal concern, are generated via cognition or imaginativeness. With the former it is all about acquiring entree to information, while with the latter is a more originative procedure within an person or a group. This chapter will merely present some techniques and tools and it is advised that where an involvement is sparked the reader expression more to the full into the peculiar technique or tool. As a great protagonist of Wikipedia I have in most instances taken their overview of the peculiar technique and would propose that as a starting point for farther information you refer to, and support, this antic construct and organisation.Knowledge base Tools and Techniques

Funding Opportunities: Reacting to allow support organic structures demands

Most societal endeavors, peculiarly new societal endeavors, require funding support to start-up and grow. In that sense they are no different to any endeavor. However societal endeavors do hold entree to legion support chances. These support chances change on a regular footing so it would be of small value to name them in this type of publication. Your first occupation as a societal enterpriser might be to make a database of possible support administrations and the chances they offer. A good start in this procedure would be to look at chances offered by your local authorization, national authorities and your national lottery. This is but a start. I have a database over 18 pages in length which I maintain on a monthly footing. Some of these chances are of no value to the administrations I run, due to the legal position of the concerns or the country of activity the financess are looking to back up, but the cognition helps me to back up other people and administrations looking for fiscal support.

For the intent of this publication I will propose you look to your National Lottery. Generally these administrations support good causes and in Britain this can accessed on Since 1994 this administration has given out ?27 billion to groups and societal concerns set abouting societal activity under a assortment of different programmes and subjects. It has both little and big graduated table programmes in footings of the sum of grant that can be applied for an in my experience the success degrees and application procedure seems to be related to the degree of grant. Interestingly, while I have been really successful in procuring grant support over the old ages. I have ne’er yet been successful in procuring lottery support.

In Britain every portion of the state has administrations and public sector organic structures that are able to fund societal endeavor. In an ideal universe the procedure would be these funding programmes run intoing your particular funding demand. Possibly more pragmatically it might affect your societal endeavor reacting to the demands of the funder. I will allow you cope with this ethical quandary.

As a short anecdote I was presenting a preparation workshop on the support of societal endeavor to a group of people which included ‘Social Enterprise Support Officers ‘ . I suggested to this group that they might see ‘bending ‘ their undertaking proposal to run into the demands of funder e.g. the societal endeavor wanted to present the service to everyone of demand in the countries while the funder insisted that their financess were to be spent on 16 – 24 twelvemonth old people merely. I suggested that the undertaking accept the funders standards and run the undertaking. Interestingly the ‘Social Enterprise Support Officers ‘ left the class and complained to the supplier that had hired me about the rightness of this advice, All the other people on the class enjoyed the workshop and found it really valuable.

Procurement Opportunities: Reacting to public sector stamps

Procurement is the acquisition of goods or services. It is favorable that the goods/services are appropriate and that they are procured at the best possible cost to run into the demands of the buyer in footings of quality and measure, clip, and location. Corporations and public organic structures frequently define procedures intended to advance just and unfastened competition for their concern while minimising exposure to fraud and collusion. This processes offers important chances to the development of societal endeavor, peculiarly in these times of public sector cuts.

Procurement nevertheless must come with a major wellness warning. In most instances the public sector does non do this procedure merely for the smaller, and peculiarly freshly established, endeavor. Procurement nevertheless is decidedly an chance that all societal endeavors should look to acquire engaged with and the starting point would be to register on appropriate procurance sites e.g. in Wales registry on the Sell To Wales site

Community Need: Identified by local research/community audit ( study ) ; taking to people

Possibly an obvious get downing point when making a societal concern would be to research local statistics or inquire your community what services it thinks it needs. This is peculiar true for community based societal endeavors. In Britain there are many web sites that will provide you with information on many facets of your community such as the Office for National Statistics or Neighbourhood Statistics These web sites will assist you understand where the economic, societal and environmental jobs within your communities exist and you can so set up a societal endeavor to turn to the job.

Alternatively you could set about a study locally and inquire the occupants what their concerns are and once more utilize this information to set up a societal endeavor to turn to the issue. This procedure has the extra advantage of bring forthing local support for your undertaking which will so add important support to any support application.

Sector Needs: Identified by research into specific sectors e.g. Unemployment, Health, Leisure, Crime ; Tourism etc.

Social endeavor offers a mechanism of turn toing concerns in all sectors of the socio-economy. It can assist to turn to unemployment through the proviso of preparation, volunteering and the creative activity of occupations. It can present community based healthy life Centres, residential places and even infirmaries. It can run swimming pools and leisure Centres. It can assist with the decrease of offense through substance maltreatments programmes and ex-offender support. It can assist tourism through a assortment of activities. In the United Kingdom, possibly driven by the demand for public disbursement cuts and the alliance Big Society, all public sector sections are look intoing the function that societal endeavor could play in a more effectual service bringing theoretical account hence advancing links with the sectors organic structures associating to your societal endeavor could turn out valuable.

Examination of current/future tendencies: Technology ; the ‘green docket ‘

Business is all about identifying and taking advantage of chances. By and large talking the greatest additions are made through going ‘the leader in the field ‘ . Descrying tendencies and taking advantage as the leader will by and large supply the greatest economic returns. However ‘followers ‘ are besides able to gain significantly. In recent history this is seen with new engineerings such as computing machines and nomadic phones. The present focal point on the environment and green engineerings are by and large believed to offer the greatest wagess presently, although the additions in the monetary value of oil are bespeaking a move off from globalization to a more locally based economic system therefore many chances are emerging in this country.

Associating of personal accomplishment sets and passions ( avocation ) to societal demands or concern chance

There is a big argument to be had in relation to the activity we call work. What is work? Without desiring to blow many old ages of your life on some philosophical argument I would wish to propose that work is more acceptable if you happen to bask what it is you do under that header. I have heard football player ‘s province that they love of football is so great that they would make it for ‘nothing ‘ . Funny therefore that many of them are the most extremely paid people in our society! However the point remains that making something you enjoy, hopefully with every bit great a fiscal wages as you can rally, makes work more appealing. I have been involved in grownup acquisition for over 30 old ages and seldom do we measure people ‘s passions, endowments or avocations in assisting them into work. Rather we concentrate on accomplishments, cognition and experience. If you are a good creative person so why non do merchandises you can sell and learn these accomplishments to others as a manner to do a life?

Reactionary societal endeavor: authorities cuts in public disbursement
This cognition based technique has been mentioned above. Public sector cuts while perceived by many as a bad thing decidedly offer chances to both the private and societal endeavor sector. In most instances the cuts are made where the service is still required. If your societal endeavor is able to happen a commercial manner to offer these services so success is assured.

Copying bing successful societal endeavor

This cognition based technique has been mentioned above. Public sector cuts while perceived by many as a bad thing decidedly offer chances to both the private and societal endeavor sector. In most instances the cuts are made where the service is still required. If your societal endeavor is able to happen a commercial manner to offer these services so success is assured.

Joint Ventures: with all sectors including the private sector
Partnership working is frequently really effectual and much loved by funding organic structures. Personally I believe partnerships are best left to marriage and even there it proves really hard. However with the right spouses and a willing bosom it could good be profitable.

SWOT Analysis: measures a proposition or thought

The purpose of this tool is to promote you to place your Strengths ( S ) , Weaknesses ( W ) , Opportunities ( O ) and Threats ( T ) . The SWOT can be a general analysis which aims to place these constituents on overall life position of your abilities or it might concentrate on your abilities with respect to making a societal concern. The more elaborate the analysis the more the tool will offer you with respect to countries of possible concern chances. It will of class besides lead you to happening solutions to any failings you identify and any menaces that might impact the concern.

PEST / PESTLE Analysis: measures a market

Plague analysis stands for “ Political, Economic, Social, and Technological analysis ” and depict a model of macro-environmental factors used in the environmental scanning constituent of strategic direction. Some analysts added Legal and rearranged the mnemonic to SLEPT ; infixing Environmental factors expanded it to PESTEL or PESTLE, which is popular in the United Kingdom. The theoretical account has late been farther extended to STEEPLE and STEEPLED, adding Ethical motives and demographic factors.

It is a portion of the external analysis when carry oning a strategic analysis or making market research, and gives an overview of the different macro-environmental factors that the company has to take into consideration. It is a utile strategic tool for understanding market growing or diminution, concern place, possible and way for operations. The turning importance of environmental or ecological factors in the first decennary of the twenty-first century hold given rise to green concern and encouraged widespread usage of an updated version of the PEST model. STEER analysis consistently considers Socio-cultural, Technological, Economic, Ecological, and Regulatory factors. As with the SWOT the PEST/LE can be a general analysis which aims to place these constituents on overall life position of your abilities or it might concentrate on your abilities with respect to making a societal concern. The more elaborate the analysis the more the tool will offer you with respect to countries of possible concern chances.


Business networking is a socioeconomic activity by which groups of like-minded business people recognize, create, or move upon concern chances. A concern web is a type of societal web whose ground for bing is concern activity. There are several outstanding concern networking administrations that create theoretical accounts of networking activity that, when followed, let the concern individual to construct new concern relationships and generate concern chances at the same clip.

A professional web service is an execution of information engineering in support of concern networking. Many businesspeople contend concern networking is a more cost-efficient method of bring forthing new concern than advertisement or public dealingss attempts. This is because concern networking is a low-priced activity that involves more personal committedness than company money.

As an illustration, a concern web may hold to run into hebdomadal or monthly with the intent of interchanging concern leads and referrals with fellow members. To complement this activity, members frequently fitting outside this circle, on their ain clip, and construct their ain one-to-one relationship with the fellow member.

Business networking can be conducted in a local concern community, or on a larger graduated table via the Internet. Business networking web sites have grown over recent old ages due to the Internet ‘s ability to link people from all over the universe. Internet companies frequently set up concern leads for sale to bigger corporations and companies looking for informations beginnings. Business networking can hold a significance besides in the ICT sphere, i.e. the proviso of runing support to companies and administrations, and related value ironss and value webs.


Franchising is the pattern of utilizing another house ‘s successful concern theoretical account. For the franchisor, the franchise is an alternate to constructing ‘chain shops ‘ to administer goods and avoid the demand for investings and liability for a concatenation. The franchisor ‘s success depends on the success of the franchisees. The franchisee is said to hold a greater inducement than a direct employee because he or she has a direct interest in the business.Imagination Generated Ideas: Tools & A ; Techniques


Brainstorming is a group or single creativeness technique by which attempts are made to happen a decision for a particular job by garnering a list of thoughts spontaneously contributed by its member ( s ) . The term was popularized by Alex Faickney Osborn in the 1953 book Applied Imagination. Osborn claimed that brainstorming was more effectual than persons working entirely in bring forthing thoughts, although more recent research has questioned this decision.

Mind Function

A head map is a diagram used to stand for words, thoughts, undertakings, or other points linked to and arranged around a cardinal key word or thought. Mind maps are used to bring forth, visualise, construction, and sort thoughts, and as an assistance to analyzing and forming information, work outing jobs, doing determinations, and composing. The elements of a given head map are arranged intuitively harmonizing to the importance of the constructs, and are classified into groupings, subdivisions, or countries, with the end of stand foring semantic or other connexions between parts of information. Mind maps may besides help callback of bing memories. By showing thoughts in a radial, graphical, non-linear mode, head maps promote a brainstorming attack to planning and organizational undertakings.

Creative Problem Solving

Creative job resolution is the mental procedure of making a solution to a job. It is a particular signifier of job resolution in which the solution is independently created instead than learned with aid. Creative job work outing ever involves creativeness. To measure up as originative job work outing the solution must either hold value, clearly solve the stated job, or be appreciated by person for whom the state of affairs improves. If a created solution becomes widely used, the solution becomes an invention and the word invention besides refers to the procedure of making that invention. A widespread and durable invention typically becomes a new tradition. Some inventions besides qualify as innovations. Inventing is a particular sort of originative job resolution in which the created solution qualifies as an innovation because it is a utile new object, substance, procedure, package, or other sort of marketable entity.

Creative Dreaming – Sing a manner of ‘doing it better ‘

Creative dreamers would reason that we ever have the reply to a problem.A Sometimes you merely do n’t cognize where to look.A Creative dreamers take a expression at it from the woolgathering perspective.A We have all at some point when fighting with a job left it stating allow ‘s “ slumber on it. “ A These expressions were created because they really work.A Some of the clip we can acquire a direct reply from our dreams, by moving them out how we would in waking life.A The other incidences we get a dream which we must interpret.A Either manner we have the reply to our job. Dreams are portion of the head making sometimes wholly different worlds.A However, there are ways of learning yourself a few techniques to allow you hold a small merriment with your dreams, every bit good as perchance larning something you ne’er knew before or instead that you ne’er knew that you knew.A


Backcasting starts with specifying a desirable hereafter and so works backwards to place policies and plans that will link the hereafter to the present. The cardinal inquiry of backcasting asks: “ if we want to achieve a certain end, what actions must be taken to acquire at that place? ”

Prediction is the procedure of foretelling the hereafter based on current tendency analysis.


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