Generation Gap Sample Essay

In the past spiritual religion used to be a great prop to human existences in times of hurt or bad luck. The belief that whatever God did was for the good of human existences served as a great-consolation to people when a natural catastrophe fell upon them.

The troubles. letdowns and failures were attributed to God’s will and people bowed without much inquiring. But now those religious beliefs have more or less gone. We now ask if life has any intent at all. We now feel baffled and perplexed.

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Generation Gap Sample Essay
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The diminution in spiritual religion has led besides to the loss of the religious values of life. Our sires had the ideal of charity. understanding. fellow-feeling. brotherhood of adult male. etc. Now people have become utterly mercenary and pleasance minded. Everyone wants to do as much money as possible by just agencies or foul.

Honesty and unity are things of the past. Now there is a huffy scuffle for money and power.

In a manner. nevertheless. we are happier than our sires. Our sires were the victims of illiteracy. ignorance and superstitious notions. Ignorance might intend cloud nine. but this is the cloud nine of rational non-existence or mental blankness. We today are literate and educated. We now know many secrets of nature which were unknown to our sires. We experience an rational bang when we get more and more cognition. We have non more or less got rid of superstitious notions and fanciful frights. nor are we any more victims of a sense of fatalism.

Our sires used to impute everything to the will of destiny. But we now feel that our destiny is in our ain custodies. We experience a kind of release from the restrictive influence of destiny.

If we talk of wealth. it is today more equitably distributed than earlier. Socialistic tendencies all over the universe have narrowed the spread between the rich and the hapless. In the yearss of our sires. poorness was regarded as portion of the godly strategy of things and was passively accepted by the people.

Now the attitude towards poorness has greatly changed. Poverty is now looked upon as an immorality which can be. and must be. removed. The rich categories do non now have that sense of complacence and they do non now take their wealth for granted.

We are besides happier in the sense that we enjoy better wellness than our sires. Assorted finds and innovations by scientific discipline have made it possible to forestall diseases. to extinguish or bring around them. We live cleaner lives. in conformity with the regulations of sanitation than our sires could of all time make.

Good wellness depends much of the felicity of world. and the wellness of world today is better than of all time before. Physical fittingness keeps us happy and enables us to deduce echt pleasance from eating. imbibing. athleticss and games and all kinds of recreational activities.

Sum we have greater freedom than our sires had. Freedom excessively is an indispensable status of felicity. We no longer experience deplorable because of any stiff restraints. Woman is today emancipated. The immature are no longer in the tight clasp of their seniors but enjoy a step of independency unknown earlier.

The joint household system in our state has crumbled. therefore decreasing greatly the misery and wretchedness of those who were its victims. There is greater freedom to love. and here excessively parental control over male childs and misss has been well relaxed.

Physical amenitiess have gone up. Scientific innovations of our times have made life easier by greatly decreasing the demand for manual labor or physical effort. We have more leisure and along with leisure we have many more beginnings of pleasance. Physical comfort. leisure and pleasance have certainly increased and augmented human felicity.


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