Generation Me Essay

Ramon Walker Psych-101 Dr. Coulmas Generation me As young adults in a society centered on individualism, we are always trying to find our “it” factor that will set us apart from all others. We worship the media and are convinced that one day we will be a famous TV star, why not? Everyone has a dream in life. We are all misunderstood, parents just do not understand when we chance a dream or go after a career that is outside of the norm according to our parents. We are told to be ourselves and not follow the pack but in expressing our individualism, we just become carbon copies of each other when we wear Mohawks and put on skinny jeans.

The article evaluates the narcissism of the younger generation in the voice of an experienced patron rather than a stern chastising voice. As a generation we feel a sense of entitlement as if the world should revolve around us. We expect to do the bare minimum and still excel in every facet of life. Sometimes I find myself caught up in a pool of a self destructive super sized ego and I have to take a step back and reevaluate myself. It is easy to eat up the unwarranted praises family and friends through our way, the difficulty comes when life’s bitter reality hits us in the face.

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Generation Me Essay
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Where will your baseless self esteem get you then? Being an individual in today’s society is hard because people today are always trying to portray themselves as someone they see on TV. The young adults today are starting to do it now. For example, the rap group Rich Kids has a big influence on the kids today on how they dress. The rap group has a different style that sets them apart from everyone else they wear clothes that most people would not wear like skinny jeans, vans(shoes), and member only type jackets.

Kids are dressing like that every day. People say this is not be being an individual when you are imitating someone you see on TV, which they are right trying to be like someone is not original. I appreciate someone who knows their worth but there is a difference between a worth earned and one fabricated. We are not entitled to automatic success, we are entitled to the opportunity to create and work towards our own success. It is up to that person to want to achieve success in their life.


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