Genetics Definitions

Term Definition
Homozygous recessive A gene that is expressed only in the homozygous state : ee, qq, ww
Homozygous dominant A gene that is always expressed : AA, KK, TT
Heterozygous Genotypes made up of two different alleles : Dd, Jj, Ss
Phenotype Physical characteristics
Genotype The pairs of genes that make up a trait
Complete dominance The dominant allele completely covers the recessive allele : RR+rr+Rr
Incomplete dominance Neither allele dominates so a new phenotype is shown
Codominance Both alleles are shown : red cow + white cow = red and white spotted cow
Diploid The two sets of chromosomes we inherit from our parents. Twice the haploid number.
Haploid When a cell has half the number of chromosomes after Meiosis.
Somatic Cells The cells that mitosis produces
Carrier A person who has inherited the recessive allele but does not show the trait

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