Genetics Vocab

Question Answer
Characteristics A certain feature that belongs to somebody.
Gene Something given from a parent to his or her offspring which creates something about the offspring.
Genetics The study of heredity.
Inherited trait A trait gotten from either one or both of your parents.
Acquired trait A trait gotten due to the environment, which is not inherited.
Trait A certain characteristic that only some people have.
Asexual reproduction Reproduction where one parent has offspring which genes identical to the parents.
Cell The smallest functional part of an organism.
Clone A duplication of one organism created by asexual reproduction.
Mutation A genetically altered organism.
Sexual reproduction Reproduction involving two parents whose offspring inherit a mix of their traits.
Allele Different versions of a gene created by a mutation.
Dominant A trait that appears more often than other versions of the characteristic.
Recessive A trait that appears less often than other versions of the characteristic.
Homozygous A pair of matching alleles that mean you have a trait.
Heterozygous A pair of genes containing one dominant gene and one recessive one.
Phenotype Observable characteristics of a person that can change due to interactions with genes and the environment.
Punnett square A diagram that predicts the outcome of the genes in any offspring of sexual reproduction.
Genotype A collection of genes.

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