Genghis Khan Notes Sample Essay

Successor: His grandson. Kublai Khan who expanded the imperium boulder clay it reached cardinal Europe and the Middle East.

Childs: He had four kids ; Ogedei Khan. Jochi. Tolui Borjigin. Chagatai Khan.

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Genghis Khan Notes Sample Essay
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Siblings: Genghis Khan had three full brothers ; Jochi khasar ( Jochi senior ) Temuge. and Khajun.

He besides had two measure brothers. one of which he killed when he was still a male child. His male parent died. and left the measure kids in the attention of Genghis’s female parent.

In 1206. the Mongol people made him ruler. The lone thing he was afraid of where Canis familiariss ; their barks scared him.

Significant Accomplishments:

Conquerer and laminitis of the Mongolian imperium. he brought many of the mobile Mongolian folk together and formed the greatest imperium in history. He reigned the Empire from 1206-1227 A. D.

He created the trade path between Asia. Europe. and the Middle East ( The silk route ) . He started the Mongolian dynasty.
In 1215. merely nine old ages after going emperor. Genghis Khan broke through the wall of Chinas and gained modern twenty-four hours Beijing.


He had an highly fast going ground forces that could go 70 stat mis in a twenty-four hours. He formed the largest imperium in History. Many of his enemies surrendered in fright of his barbarous depredations.

What do we larn from Genghis Khan?

Though he had the largest imperium in History. Genghis Khan was non sort in any manner. Many of his onslaughts where highly barbarous. pass overing out whole communities. His ground forces was really fast. and we can larn from him is his leading. and the fact that he had his ain sentiment.

Research inquiries:

Who was his married woman?

He had many married womans throughout his life. he married for his first clip at the age of 15.

How was his ground forces so successful?

He had a really fast ground forces. they could go about 70 stat mis per twenty-four hours. They where feared all over. and frequently there enemies would give up.

Who where his replacements?

His replacement was his grandson Kublai Khan. who expanded his imperium even further. Further into Europe.

Make his people like him. or honour him?

Yes. Genghis Khan. or the great Khan was celebrated for his people. He had conquered most of Asia and Europe. and no 1 dared onslaught him. It was a clip of peace. and tonss of district for the Mongols so. his people where happy.


Genghis Khan
Kublai Khan


When he killed his measure brother.
In 1206 when his people made him swayer.
In 1215 he broke through the wall of China and gained Beijing.


Mongol Empire/ Expansion
Speed and Tacticss of Army


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