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GENL1021 Midterm Study online at quizlet. com/_ivhn7 100. 142. 2. 3 Jewels of Buddhism Buddha, Dharma, Sangha (Community of believers) 3 Jewish Mourning Periods Aninut: Death to burial (1 day), abstain from meat, wine, work, sex Shiv’ah: 7 days Sheloshim: 30 days or 1 year, return to work, avoid social functions, perform kaddish, anniversary candle, stones on grave 4 Main Subdivisions of Hinduism Vaishnavite (Vishnu, Vertical Lines, Majority), Shaivite (Shiva, Horizontal Lines), Shakti (Mother Goddess), Advaita (Plurality as illusion, One invisible reality) 4 Mudras of Buddha Teaching: Hands in front of chest,

Meditation: Hands resting on lap, Resisting Temptation: Hands touching Earth representing nlgnt ne Decame Bu ana, Alms round: Holding Bowl 78. 72. 135. 133. 81. 21. 4 Noble Truths of Life is suffering, wrong desire is the cause of suffering, suffering can end, 8 fold path to Nirvana (Wisdom, Virtue, and Meditation 5 Pillars of Islam Statement of faith (Shahadah), five daily prayers (Salat), annual tax (Zakat), annual Ramadan fast (Sawm), pilgrimage to Mecca (Haj) Author of Torah God with Moses as a mouthpiece 25. Sloanartna Gautama 19. Buddha’s 3 Bodies (Trikaya) Nirmana kaya: physical, Sambhoga kaya: enjoyment, Dharma kaya: Reality 34.

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Buddha’s long ears Royal status Buddhist 3 Animals Represents a vice Rooster-Greed Pig-Ignorance Snake-Hatred Buddhist 6 Realms Inner part of circle, worlds that you can be reincarnated into (Spiritual, titans, human being, pretas (hungry ghosts), animals, hell) 101. 42. 18. 67. 131. 132. 129. 76. Buddhist Abhidhamma Pitaka 74. I neither exist nor do I not exist Birth Rituals Birth as negative: Belief of samsara want to get to nirvana. No specific rituals… Borrow from local communities and cultures Handy collections of Buddha’s proverbs and sayings Dharma Teachings that lead to nirvana vs. aws in Hinduism First Council 00 Buddhist disciples held meeting shortly after Buddha’s death to identify and record teachings Funerals Normally cremation, Chopping of body in Tibet (Sky burial) Jataka Tales Story of Buddha before he became Buddha and his previous lives as animals Buddhist Lay People Give goods to monks to gain karma Lotus Sutra Writings in 1st century CE that mentions body sufferers Mahayana Northern School, Help of bodhisattvas (those who stay away from Nirvana to help others) Main Principles of Pancasila 5 Virtues: Refrain from killing living creatures, refrain from taking what is not given, refrain from sexual misconduct, efrain from false speech, refrain from intoxicants Monks Exchange spiritual services for material and monetary goods Nirvana Liberation from reincarnation Sacred Ribbon Movement of good karma from monk to dead person Sutta Pitaka Basket of Threads-Buddha’s sermons, brings life together and sews it up Theravada Southern school, individual effort, up to you to reach Nirvana Transcendent Reality No explicit belief in god, but seek help from above from body sufferers (bodhisattvas) Tripitaka “The Three Baskets” Buddhist bible Some say it was how it was stored others say it was a metaphor for how the writings were passed down baskets: Texts of Southern school Upali and Ananda Upali: Monk who helped develop rules on how to live together Ananda: Buddha’s assistant who traveled with him and could recite his sermons Urna 3rd eye of wisdom of Buddha Basket of Higher Learning-More about abstract phenomenon Anatta 20. Dhammapada 24. 73. 65. 75. 32. 114. 85. 113. usnlnlsna Bump on head where Buddha cut hair (past life of Buddha) Vinaya Pitaka Basket of Discipline-Rules and principles 146. Catholic Southern Europe and Latin America, bishops under pope, belief that the Pope has much power 55. Christening Naming Christian 4 Canonical Gospels Written by people who knew Jesus Mark-Earliest, wrote of Jesus’s travels, what he did, etc.

Matthew-wrote Gospels for Jews looking to convert Luke-Non-Jewish Audience, Journey theme John-Gave more thought to Jesus, saw him as divine and superhuman Christian Apocryphal Infancy, sayings, passion, dubious/mysterious cnrlstlan Baptism “Baptiso”-to immerse in water, Something happened on banks of Jordan River that made Jesus into public figure, initiation into faith, going into water is like going into death, some are against (Baptists, Mormons), washes away sin from baby, new identity (naming/clothing) Christian Bible Early church, 4 gospels, letters and other writings Christian Canon Collection of texts with great authority, 27 books, closed in 4th century CE, took 300-400 years to determine what to include 108. 35. 87. 107. 147. Different Groupings 0T 1 Commandments Orthodox and Protestant group first 2 commandments with an image ban separately Good messages for reader, stories of Jesus Christian Hell Believed Jewish writings should be kept away from church, not a fan of Matthew, rejected because Judaism is mother religion of Christianity 16. 7. 17. 61. 5. 58. 136. Snippets of early church Marcion 127. Alienation of God Forever


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