Geographic Location And Size Of India Essay

India is Asia ‘s 2nd largest state after China. It lies in the South Asia. India portions its boundary line with China, Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Burma & A ; Nepal. Entire country is 3,287,590 sq. kilometer. The state ‘s coastline is worth of 4350 stat mis. The clime of India is tropical in south and temperate in the northern portion. Main faiths are Hindus ( 80 % ) , Muslims ( 13 % ) , Christians ( 2 % ) , others ( 1 % ) .

Population* of India
With 1,014,003,817 people, India is emerging the universe ‘s 2nd largest populated state harmonizing to 2001 nose count. Now we can compare with the most thickly settled state of the universe.

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Geographic Location And Size Of India Essay
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0-14 old ages
15-64 old ages
65 old ages & A ; above














*Source nose count of India 2001

In this graduated tables, kids in India is tend to be more than every bit compared to the universe ‘s thickly settled state. So the demand for attention of kids is to be raised harmonizing to the demand. The latest steps show that India will catch China ‘s population in 2020 by appraisal.

Literacy rate of India
As the population is high, instruction remains to be constraint in all provinces of India. If we consider the literacy in India it is bettering and acquiring more aid from the authorities for it. The nose count of the 2001 reveals of the graduated tables that are bettering.

75.96 %

54.28 %

65.38 %

90.92 %

87.86 %

90.92 %

84 %

The steps show the facts about the literacy in India of nose count 2001, nevertheless this can be used to mensurate the kid jobs as graduated tables reveals the fact that the literacy is rated above 7 old ages of age who know to compose and read their names at least in one linguistic communication. In future this degree of literacy additions and reflects in instruction positively.

Economic Status of India
India is the 12th largest economic system of the universe and 4th largest on the ‘Purchasing Power Parity ‘ ( PPP ) . In twenty-first century, India will be an emerging power which the state is capable of economic power with human resources and of cognition base. The anticipation of the economic experts is that it will be the taking economic systems by 2020. But the tendency is to be affected if the moving ridges of rising prices have an impact with the economic system of India. India ‘s per capita income is 128th in PPP and 139th in nominal. The GDP of the economic system is based on Service industry ( 54 % ) , Agriculture ( 28 % ) and industries ( 18 % ) of the entire economic position of India.

Major beginnings of Income
Agribusiness, services, industries are the chief beginnings of GDP in India. So in the hereafter the population will increase as the steps shown in front and besides the state grows more in economic footings due to lifting rising prices and increasing literacy shoots up instruction criterions.

In India, the wellness position varies from province to province, depending upon the life style, traditions, society etc. As the 2001 steps shows of increasing population and increasing economic returns, the wellness position is besides to be geared up. However the increasing population will assist the adult male power the demands of the state. Hence the steps demoing the facts can be taken for the appraisal.

Life Expectancy Rate
It has been increasing in India due to progress health care system and the quality of it. However, the steps show the figures of 64.1 old ages for males and 65.8 old ages for females in the state. In Kerala province of India, the life anticipation rate at birth is 73 old ages, and it will alter harmonizing to the provinces depending on the civilization, beliefs, tradition etc. As the tendency goes on the value we have obtained is reflected positively during the hereafter.

Infant mortality rate
*Source National Health System Profile 2005

The graph itself shows the decline of the infant mortality rate of the province every bit good as the state ‘s mortality rate. This current tendency shows the decline of the mortality rate of Kerala which is compared to National mortality rate.

Major Health Issues
Major diseases in India includes dandy fever febrility which is most reflected in the tropical climes, Kala Azar in Bihar territory, filariasis and Roll back Malaria. But if we look on to kids the chief diseases are ARI, Diarrhoea, and malnutrition. The common diseases which we can see are the spreading diseases. Spreading diseases such as hepatitis and poulet syphilis are besides seen in kids. Other diseases of which the kids are affected are of chronic pneumonia, diarrhea, viral infections and dandy fever febrility, paroxysms, cardiac jobs, PUO, etc.

The chronic diseases are frequently less every bit compared to the considerable sum of infective diseases. The patient who comes with infective diseases is cared in isolation wards.

The Indian health care system is widely known over the universe for its insufficiency of professional custodies, but on the other manus the same is universe celebrated for its practicians and quality professionals all over the universe who works abroad. Indian health care system is one of the developing systems in all degrees during the present times. The footing of this system is the support type to the system.

In India the external aid for the system is low of up to 1-3 % , but the bulk of the health care is funded or occupied by the private retentions. The public health care system is a three grade system which accompanies Sub Centre for 5000 population, PHC for 30000 populations, community wellness Centre for 100000 populations. The system acquiring external aid for this system which 10-20 % is sponsored by WHO. The nonsubjective that set by the system in 2003 is to accomplish an acceptable criterion of good wellness among general population of the state. However, there are besides charity oriented healthcare systems in there which offers a great value to the state ‘s wellness.

We have seen the lifting concerns about the kids is increasing, and in India more likely to state in the southern portion of the state, in Kerala province, inhibits a infirmary and medical college that is capable of bring forthing the attention needs for the kids nearby. Jubilee Mission Medical College & A ; Research Institute [ JMMC & A ; RI ] the above mentioned administration is touting of 1500 beds in overall gave the 120+ beds for the pediatric section. The administration started in 1952 and the pediatric section started in 1969. The administration is a non-profit support administration which runs by the Archdiocese of Trichur. The administrations slogan of “ service with love ” is widely known in the territory every bit good in the nearby territories and it is reflected in the pediatric section. The low costs for the intervention with quality attention services gave the administration an ethical position and therefore known as “ hapless adult male ‘s infirmary ” throughout the country. The administration besides does several charity oriented service every bit good.

The infirmary ‘s vision is to “ service with love ” and it is spread to the all faith groups irrespective of dramatis personae and credo. Its attack towards health care is that to guarantee the promotive, preventative, healing and rehabilitative wellness attention to all, to the hapless and disadvantaged irrespective of dramatis personae and credo. It besides enhances the quality wellness within the low-cost rates. They besides aim to the rules and ethical value of human life and self-respect in their sector.

Hence their aim is to ‘serve the people with love irrespective of dramatis personae and credo and irrespective of rich or hapless in an low-cost rate with the quality service ‘ is stated on the web site of the administration. Dr. Johny Vincent, Dr. Sunny George, Dr. Vinod Jacob Cherian are the chief physicians of the section. But there are 10 more senior advisers available in the section.

We can see how the pediatric section in this reputed administration tends to get by with the wellness position of the kids with their aims.

The factors that impacting the administration and that can non be controlled by the administration is said to be the macro-environment of the administration. Here we can see how the pediatricss section have an impact with macro-environment environing it.

Political factors are the factors impacting the administration act uponing the political relations. It may impact the administration straight or indirectly. It may besides reflect the influence of the political relations whether it may be positive or negative harmonizing to the determinations. The pediatric section does n’t hold any direct impact to the political relations except kid attention issues. But the politic moving ridge is reflected in the section, due to increase revenue enhancement for the equipments, basic wage degree to the staff set by the authorities, etc.

In future, the political relations merely waves the influence on the political issues non on the section. To get the better of this factor, they have to alter their strategic determination and aims harmonizing to the altering state of affairs of political relations.

The economical factors are the footings that are related to the money. However the money whirling in the market acquire fluctuations in this sector and it is said as ‘deflation ‘ and ‘inflation ‘ in whole. The administration ‘s financess are chiefly from the NRI ( non-resident Indians ) and from other charity administration outside the state. It is now enduring from deficiency of sufficient support due to recession. They are in the manner to implement the cardio-thoracic section which links with pediatric section, but they have to drop it off due to the deficiency of sound fiscal support.

This tendency continues to 2-3 old ages period ; nevertheless they have to happen the publicity for the section and therefore can organize the financess for the outgo.

The societal factors are that related to the cultural tradition and beliefs of the local people. It can besides includes the manner of patterns and the local systems of life influences the societal alterations and they will impact the pediatric section. One illustration is, the parents will non let to cannulate the kid stating ground as the kid does n’t necessitate it. But somehow the medical professionals have to endure owing that ground if anything happens to the kid.

Due to the increasing degree of literacy and other instruction plans in the state during the past 2-3 old ages and go oning, socially the people will develops. So the section have to vie for quality along with monetary value in the hereafter.

The proficient affairs are said to be engineering shortages. The constitution of new degree of engineerings is to be updated in the every signifier of the attention degree to derive the success and outstanding quality. In the administration there are batch of proficient shortages. Due to the summer the electricity board will put to death a 30 proceedingss load casting that will adversely impact any exigency state of affairs in the section.

Mckinsey ‘s 7S Model
McKinsey ‘s 7S theoretical account chiefly aims to the value based direction. This theoretical account will assist to accomplish how to analyze the state of affairss within the section to sketch the SWOT of it. In the image as shown above the 7s is the analyzing factors of an administration. It is saying as below: –







Shared value

Now we can analyze this factors in the pediatric section of the JMMC & A ; RI.

Factor ‘Strategy ‘ agencies that the determinations or any type of steps opted for the long term concern, which is covered with ethical ways to acquire optimal result with the other shared values within the administration.

Factor ‘structure ‘ agencies that the manner of structuring the section to other sections or linked to the cardinal information shop, where the inside informations or other information about the client is assessable from the other portion of the administration within least clip consumable.

This factor means that the day-to-day modus operandi of the section is deriving any kinds of advantage to the administration. The day-to-day modus operandis and processs are implemented is more focussed whether it is of premier importance.

The manner of behavior of the directors is reflected in this factor. It besides shows how the system and other factors are interlinked to the clients to hold easy entree.

It shows the capableness of the staffs and their demand per clients.

It discriminates the accomplishments that are holding with the employees is worthy if it.

Shared Value
This is the chief factor for the administration in which the all other factors are to be united to derive the cardinal buttocks from or within the administration.

Mission statement
Vision statement
Aim of the administration
Apparatus of the administration
Discussions for betterment
Duty apparatus
Ethically motivated directors
Motivated employees
Motivated support
Shared Value
In footings of moralss
In footings of scheme
In footings of construction
In footings of system
In footings of manner
In footings of staff
In footings of accomplishments
In footings of quality
Paediatric section has its ain values which can be assessed to strengths and failings. It is use to pull out the chances and strengths. Based on the chart above we can summarize the SWOT tabular array of Paediatric section of JMMC & A ; RI.

SWOT of Paediatric Department of JMMC & A ; RI
The pediatric section has the scheme which helps for the long term vision which really shows their aim of what they are traveling to make is a chief strength. Strength of the section is the process timing and the everyday adjusting capableness of the section. Assorted plants are carried out in the timing with the processs traveling on another side by the free orientated staff. And by that manner the section saves money every bit good as adult male power to the section. The accomplishments of the section are singular ; the physicians are experienced with more than 10 old ages with adept rated among the province. The nursing staff and other related staffs are trained inside the campus with immense sum of ‘live ‘ experience during their trainee period which reflects when they were one time in the place.

The failings include the construction of the administration. The deficiency of right determination devising at the right clip is reflected in the section for angry behaviors of the by the parents in some occasions. However there are issues, there is no response to discourse the manner for bettering it, lacks a major rating which can be utile if analysed. The other failing includes the work load to the staff. It is non to be done as they are the factors that we can give the attention to the clients. If the work load continues, so it may come out as a menace for the section.

The system can be improved by using remainder to the staffs and other medical professionals. It can assist in bettering the degree of criterion of the service provided and therefore reduces the menace of falling figure of staffs. The manner of the section is to be changed, that means the motive to the employees by the motivated directors can better the support provided for the staffs and one time they feels secure on their occupation, the menace can be reduced. The weak construction for the administration can be assessed to be an chance because if the construction increases, likely the other resources will acquire develop and can hold a competitory hereafter within the sector.

The construction posses the menace for the administration if continues to be same. The engineering shortage which is a hurdle for the section will be a major menace if non cared. The system for the monthly Rota is to be done good with right degree of remainder for the medical professionals. If non making so, the falling out of staff will do a menace for the section. The most grounds behind the falling of departmental can be assumed to be as deficiency of support. It is to be cared separately, by measuring systems etc and so on. The demanding power of staffs can be assessed as another menace, which they strike of will impact service quality and measure.

Part B
The describing of events or series of what action to be done consistently is known as scenario. The scenarios may change harmonizing to the intent of events. When we chose the scenario planning in health care sector, we can normally split it into three.

They are:

Low terminal scenario

The low degree of acquiring into the concern is known as low degree scenario.

Average terminal scenario

The medium degree of acquiring through the concern is average degree scenario

High terminal scenario

The high degree of success in the concern is high degree scenario.

In this portion we are traveling to see how the scenarios are explained in the pediatric section of JMMC & A ; RI. These are the likely things traveling to go on during the future 5-10 old ages of clip depending upon the balance mix of rating of PESTEL and Mckinsey ‘s 7S model theoretical account.

Low terminal scenario or Worst scenario
The section gets worst when if they are non concentrating the menaces and chances of the section. Department will travel worst if construction of the administration remains the same for 2 more old ages. The Rota of the staffs are besides to be concentrated, if non, the falling off staffs will take to decline the state of affairs of concern. The section will be affected or acquire worst if they are non doing the right determinations with favorable to construction, manner and staff rating & A ; equal remainder to them. This will decline if they are non taking any actions for the above stated grounds.

Alternatively the state of affairs may acquire worsened if the political fast one tumbles harmonizing to economic recession during the hereafter.

Average End Scenario or Likely Scenario
The pediatric section nevertheless gets likely scenario when concentrating the issues within the section more than the macro-environment. The focussing of chances instead than menaces is be givening to be average manner of achieving success during the 5 – 10 old ages of clip. The alternate rating of political relations during the stage will give some advantage to acquire advanced in the hereafter. As the current tendency continues the manner for to accomplish the success during the hereafter is chiefly based on the determination which comes premier importance for political issues with the analysing of defects in the section.

High terminal or best scenario
The section can be changed to one of the valuable, good, competitory signifier by utilizing the appropriate usage of blending the analyzing factors that we have seen above. That is we have to utilize the right construction, manner, and use of staff in conformity to the alteration that is happening in the political alterations in the country. The rating of staff in conformity to system and construction of the section within the economic withhold of the section. And more to that the elevation criterions of moralss through educational cantonments and other charity plants which will works as a promotional event to acquire more develop.

If we consider any type of concern of any sort, the success for it is to work hard. And the difficult working is in vain if we are non utilizing the right analysing of the factors which affects on the success of the section. And in health care sector the net income is explained as wellness.

The gaining of this net income is therefore gained by really utilizing the mix of underscoring the inquiries such as what, where, when and how. In this survey about the pediatric section of JMMC & A ; RI, we can reason as follows

The section can implement high criterion of construction to the section which helps other factors to modify and make high criterions consequently, and which ‘service quality ‘ will acquire enhanced in the hereafter as the major aim.

The aim of ‘service quality ‘ therefore evolves is promoted by the educational cantonments in the rural countries with ethical scheme to acquire advance itself every bit good as to derive societal criterion which instead affects the state ‘s growing and wellness steps.

The growing of state and wellness position will impact in the political steps adopted, which reflects the economic degree of the state and that every state is now looking for in the center of recession.


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