George Bush 911 Speech Essay

Date: 2010 Title: 9/11 speech Author: George Bush Text Type: Speech (oral presentation) Gender: Male Culture: American This speech was given by George Bush on the evening of the September the 11th attack. This speech explains to the nation the terrible crisis that had just happened and encourages all American that it is a time to unite and fight this terrorism that had “shook the foundation of buildings but not the foundation of America”.

This is a time where America was under the attack of terrorists. The twin tower had been shattered and many lives were lost. This correlates to the theme of “crisis and change” as Bush states that “America was targeted for attack as they are the brightest beacon of freedom and opportunity in the world” and then he states “no one can keep that light from shining. ” This brings hope and inspires American that although this disaster has occurred, America can still “shine on” and live on.

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The change can be seen when Bush said that America had seen “evil, the worst of human nature” but still, citizen showed the “best of America” and helped each other out. That even at this darkest of time, people still lent out their hands to help one another, this is what Bush’s speech is about. He is not only awarding and thanking those who had helped but also inspiring and encouraging those who haven’t helped, to help at this time of crisis.

He inspires America by stating that “America has stood down enemies before and we will do so this time” gives the listeners a sense of hope that they have a chance at fighting this evil if they all unite together. Bush concludes his speech by uniting the whole of “America, her friends and allies” to all join for the sake of peace and love around the world and to “stand a fight against terrorism. ” By uniting the whole world, not only American citizens inspires everyone to come together to fight against evil and this mentality will unite and hold everybody strong together in faith to ight for peace and justice. Personally, I am moved by this speech as I saw the impact of this terrorist attack on all American citizens and the whole world sunk into sadness and grief with them. We were all shocked at this sudden news and the shocking numbers of casualties. By hearing this inspirational speech by George Bush gave us hope and we can see that America can fight this as they unite together as a nation.


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