Getting Laid Off from a Job Essay

Getting laid off from a job Tonya Hunter-Martin comm 215 may 25, 2010 Dr. Williams Abstract Getting laid off from a job Losing a job is very stressful. This experience leads to depression, worthlessness, and frustration. Losing a job is disappointing and affects everyone in the household. If he or she has felt that a job was secure at any time; being removed or laid off could have come as a shock, and the feeling of humiliation and betrayal could be felt. These feelings and all these emotions are real, but in time they will go away.

Initially the thought of disappointment may occur, and there is no reason to hide these feeling from friends and especially family. Talking to the spouse and children is an excellent idea. This idea is highly recommended, and may diminish some of the stress. Children may not understand the logistics of being laid off, but they will understand that schedules have changed. A spouse can sometimes understand, and sometimes not. Discussing the issue will allow an outlet and help release frustration. Men sometimes like to appear to have everything under control, and may refrain from communicating with their wife.

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Communication is the key and is extremely relevant in a situation like this. The pain of financial burden is recognized once a layoff has occurred. When either spouse has been laid off and are not able to provide for the family like they have in the past, tension arises. Friction and conflict will cause arguments and disagreements. Anger will also appear and could spiral out of control. The question of maintaining the mortgage, automobile payments and giving up extra activities will be felt. Layoffs only cut into the income, but there are alternate options.

A different route will need to be taken to maintain a household, but it won’t be the end of the world. Unemployment is an option to choose from as a temporary position. Options such as starting a business, or coursing a hobby, could take place at a time like this. Taking advantage of a layoff by thinking outside the box, could lead to enormous opportunities. These opportunities could lead to greater finances than a previous place of employment. This is a chance to bring the family together and use the family’s creative side.

Getting together and utilizing everyone’s ideas could be a productive event. This will allow each family member a chance to feel like he or she have contributed to the forming of the business in which he or she have created. Finding a good time to discuss problems and not ignoring them, is very helpful to a family experiencing a layoff. The tension of lack of money and not being able to cover every expense will put additional weight on a family and relationships. Journaling and setting up a time for a discussion to take place will help relieve some stress.

Some of the activities normally enjoyed by a family may have to be altered. Playing games at home and watching family programs will relieve stress as well. A layoff will allow a family to come together with a sense of closeness not normally felt. Spending time with each other instead of away from the home is an advantage of a layoff. Relationships will be affected in some ways, because of a layoff, but it does not have to be in a negative way. Nobody likes drastic change concerning his or her life.

Sometimes tragedy can lead to triumph, but an individual person has to create a solution. Every job is not a high-quality job. If a layoff occurs, take the time to figure out if the job were an ideal job. A great deal of times people settle for a job for status-quo. A job can be liked because of the security that the job brings. Along with experiencing employment, come homes, cars, and fine clothes. Most people that get laid off admit that they don’t even like their job. Layoffs could affect anyone. Live prepared and never imagine “It can’t happen to me! if this situation arises and a pink slip is given, be very calm. The individual laying him or her off has a script to follow and may already be on edge. Keeping a calm demeanor will help the situation out, and may lead that person to say something that can be used in the future. Don’t sign anything that asked of you to sign. Be very courteous and refrain from any arguments. At this point the person issuing out the layoffs, heart might be breaking as well. Prepare for another day, for the next day is always greater.


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