girl interrupted Essay

Girl, Interrupted The name of the movie that I watched was called “Girl, Interrupted. ” There are a lot of important characters in the movie but the main character is 18-year-old Susanna Kaysen. The actress that plays Susanna in the movie is Winona Ryder. Susanna decided to admit herself into McLean Hospital, in Belmont, Massachusetts, after attempting suicide by overdosing on pills. Susanna plans on staying at mental hospital for only a couple weeks, but ended up staying there a couple years.

Susan suffered from borderline personality disorder and attempted suicide. Susan showed that she suffered from this many different times in the movie. Attempting suicide and self-harm to herself, by overdoing on pills and then drinking a bottle of vodka after was one of the bigger signs of Susana’s disorder. Also she had an intimate relationship with her teacher who is married and has kids.

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girl interrupted Essay
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Then about half way through her stay at the hospital Susana’s boyfriend comes and visits her while she is in the hospital, they have sexual intercourse and then later that night after he leaves she kisses one of the workers at the hospital. This shows her instability in relationships and how she feels about her self imagine. Also showing impulsivity in ex and substance abuse shows signs of borderline personal disorder. Susan shows her feeling of emptiness a lot at the throughout the movie and that is why she writes how she feels about herself and others.

Writing all of these feelings down in a book helps her expresses how she is feeling about herself. Throughout her stay she never wanted to go talk to counseling or to get any help, because she felt she did not need any. After she realized what was happening to her and that she had hit her low, she decided to go and talk to someone. Susana continued to talk to someone until she was released and able to go home, almost two years later.


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